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Oct 29 2017, 01:58 AM
Hi John. As the title suggests, I'm having an issue. I dunno if this is just my board or everywhere.

Okay so, this happened like a week or so ago when I tried to make a backup and when I went to download it via the [download] link right after updating the file, it just opened the file in the Admin CP as all text. I tried a couple times, and it was the same thing, so I gave up and didn't really mess with it again until now. I kind of figured it might be glitchy at that time, since my regular site, and the game I'm currently hosting had gotten a ton of lag and 502 or 504 bad gateway stuff last week. So I thought maybe I made the database backup file at the wrong time and it was just corrupted or something.

But I just did a backup and tried to download the file afte, and it's all text again, it doesn't start download. I did try to save it another way with "Save link as" and instead of saying SQL file in the folder I keep my backups in, it says CRDOWNLOAD as the type. It's very weird.

I don't know if there was an announcement about this changing or a new way to download the backups or something? Please help.
Feb 15 2017, 06:09 PM
So I am not sure if anyone else has brought this up yet or at all? I looked around and don't see it. But there is a bug right now that it is quite annoying at the moment, so hopefully it will get fixed soon.

You know how you read a thread and then click on it later after posts are made and it takes you to the last unread post? Like even outside of the thread, just clicking on it from the main forum? Well that's not working, it's now going back to the first post or the last you read when the board decided when it thinks your last read stuff was. I cleaned my cookies and browser stuff and it goes away when you do "Mark all posts read" but it's starting to be a bit much. Like right now I am hosting an On-Site Hunger Games game, and like these threads I have opened already a bunch of times, but the marker is still there saying I haven't.

I have literally been in those threads countless times today checking in on votes, and those markers will not go away.

And it's like this for all of my posters and friends I asked outside the board at other jcink games and sites at the moment. Please fix it.
Feb 4 2016, 07:23 PM
My apologies if this is answered somewhere else here, I did a quick search for this and the results I got had nothing to do with it, lol

Anyways, I am running an on-site game at my board and it requires each player to have a team. And so I kind of want to make their user names be the color of their teams and all be unique. But I don't want to create 20+ new user groups to do that. I used to have a java script that did that for invisionfree, where you just do a normal group and then in the wrapper you just add the names and colors and anyone from any group would have a unique colored username everywhere across the entire board. I tried that in my jcink wrapper, but obviously it didn't work, or I would not be here.

So basically is there a script where I can keep everyone in the same user group and then they can all have different colored names across the entire site?

Any help or solutions for this will bee much appreciated.
Oct 23 2014, 05:44 PM
Hello, this isn't exactly a request for help per se, but I did want to write to you guys with my issues/story and what have you, just for the future.

I started an Online Reality Game community on Invisionfree in 2012, kind of a splinter from an original board. And that lived for about a year and then we got hacked by people who were banned from the community ((and for good reasons, obviously))

And then I started over again on another Invisionfree board. And that worked out from Dec 12th, 2012 until today. When this happened:

My board was called ORG Yuniverse and the GTFO was just an incarnation of "Games that ****ing own" so that some of the undesirables wouldn't find the link.

Anyways, their support told me that it was due to maybe someone deleting my board or someone getting into my account. Which I told them was impossible, because my password was made up of 25 random characters, I checked it on one of those password check sites, and it said it couldn't be cracked for 19 billion years or something basically. But they told me that even if it was, that my password was only as safe as my email account password. Which was also insanely lengthy and impossible to crack. Because the first time I was hacked, they also tried to get into my facebook too, so I just put crazy passwords on everything. And no two alike.

Then another board vanished and support directed me to this thread:

And when I posted there, and said well maybe they needed to check their servers or logs, they still say that it's probably not related and that they can't ever help me get my board back.

My gaming community had about 320 players/posters in it. And I am trying to get them all back now. But it's difficult, because all the records of email addresses and all of that died with my board.

I have basically set up a new board with jcink for my gaming community. Because I have been using your boards for games since earlier this year. I asked here for support questions on mods and some skinning stuff. But that was simply for games. Now this is going to be the new home of my community once it gets back in order.

So my questions for you are...

Will what happened to my old board happen here?

How can I stop something like that from happening, even with all the password protection?

If I buy the premium service, will my board be able to be recovered or backed up. Or can that happen at all with you guys?

I am quite interested in all of this. And I am happy to make Jcink my home. So please get back to me with any info or help with this. Thanks much. -Bz
Jun 21 2014, 12:57 AM
I have a few issues I can hopefully get resolved with some help.

I usually use these codes with Invision and they all work, but with Jcink I am having some trouble making things work out with this board like I need them too. It's a few things, like I said, so I highlighted them on the image below.

Yellow Circle: I put the codes in my CSS for the submenu and userlinks to be at the very top of the board above the banner. But when I do this, that random line appears, I changed the skin to gray so it shows here. How do I get rid of that? Or do you have a code where I could put the submenu and userlinks above the logo that is Jcink friendly? Since maybe my invisionfree code is why this doesn't work out right?

Red Circle: Is there a Jcink code/script that would allow me to get rid of the "My Friends" link there and change it to the Member's list? Or even add the Member's list to that top menu? I really need a fix for this, since the users won't be able to get to the members list at all.

Magenta Circle: That "Welcome Back" text there, I have a code for that too that doesn't work with Jcink. Does one exist where I can get rid of that text from the main page or no?

Lastly, this isn't on that image. But does Jcink have a script that makes the inbox flash when you get a new PM?

I know this is quite a few things, but some help on all of these will be much appreciated. Thanks <3
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