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Oct 7 2017, 01:30 PM
whenever i have a textarea in a webpage, i have to face this issue every time i try to edit it. it just keeps on adding “<”s, and i have no idea why. i’ve noticed this w more than one board, so i figured it was a jcink bug. it’s not that bad really, i just find it quite annoying.

ps. if i edit the page w the <</textarea> (that is, w an extra “<” already) in it, it’ll just add one more “<”. so if i don’t keep checking on that everytime i edit a page, my textarea just keeps getting messy.
Jan 12 2017, 01:50 PM
i have no idea if this is a jcink issue or not (that's why i'm not posting this on the bug reports forum), but lately whenever i access my forum index or any topic inside my forum the pages start to blink right at the bottom. i have some print screens here and here, but the issue can be seen live here as well. i already tried to disable javascript, but it keeps on blinking anyway. :(
Oct 30 2016, 09:53 AM
I know that member awards can be added by username and therefore edited if you look for their ID. But could there be a way of adding/searching for member awards only by their member ID? It may sound really silly to ask that (and I don't know if someone already asked that... if so, I'm sorry!), but I think that would help a lot w usernames that have special characters in them (then we wouldn't have to add them, then look for them, then put their ID)...

Just a thought.
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