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 transition not working
hey ! i'm trying to get one of my ids to have a smooth transition animation on hover but it's not wanting to work. any suggestions on how to get it to work ? it's the orange id for my forum rows
from what i can tell from the inspect element is you didn't specify what is supposed to transition.

so right now your transition looks like this in the code:

transition: 0.5s linear;

when it should look something like this:

transition: all 0.5s linear;

it doesn't know what's supposed to transition, so it's not doing a transition, if that makes sense?
no such luck :^(
The background property isn't capable of transitions/animations. You could, theoretically, use a ::before element with a gradient background and transition its opacity on hover.. but also, why are you using a gradient if both colors are black?
ah ok so what i'm trying to do is have the background blur on hover.

originally i was just going to use filter: blur(#px); but that blurred all of the content, not just the background. then i tried overlaying elements, so i would have one at the bottom that would blur on hover and the content i wanted visible would be placed on top (if that makes sense....) but that was a mess and didn't work either. then i figured i could just blur the background image in photoshop, have the new background appear on hover, and give the blurred result i'm looking for (kind of a roundabout way since the css was being so finicky).

that's where i'm at now, but since transitions don't apparently work on background properties i'm at a loss of how to make this work :^(

(also the gradient is just to tint the background image since i can't just use background-color paired with a background-image)
I think the easiest way to do it would be to have two elements inside the forum container that are 100% width and height, set the background of one to the unfocused image, the other to the focused image, and then fade the unfocused image with an opacity transition.
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