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 Before you file a bug report
If you think you've found a bug in the service, and you haven't posted a bug report before, you should read this topic before posting. You should follow these guidelines everytime you post a report:

Make sure that the bug that you might have found is actually a glitch between one of the codes you put in the Board Wrappers and the board itself. To do this, you need to cut (select your code, right click and select "Cut") one of your codes, and paste it into a blank WordPad document, then save the board wrappers with the deleted code. Repeat this process until you find a culprit (if there is one).

If you did this and it's still not working, then this is likely a bug, or something you are just overlooking. Post a topic in the Bug Report if:

You've enabled a certain option and it doesn't work.
You clicked some thing on the board it self or in the Admin CP and it doesn't work.
You get a SQL error clicking on one link.
You find a PHP error on a section.

If you think it may be something you're overlooking, you should post in General Support instead of the Bugs forum.

If you follow these guidelines it will be easier for us moderators, so we don't have to keep moving topics every time we get a "bug" report.

Typos are NOT bugs. PM me Typos and I'll fix them.

email: :: blog: John C.
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