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Today at 03:07 pm
If I have some select Categories or Forums that I'd want to be accessible for viewing to the general public (or at least to all registered users), how would I change my permissions to stipulate that for those specific categories and forums?
Today at 12:06 pm
I just tried to update my profile avatar with a new image, and it told me that the size limit is 150 x 150 pixels. So I resized the new avatar (it had previously been 250 x 250) and it appeared to upload successfully.

Now, once I register accounts for all of my future members: does that mean that the RPG avatars I create for each of their profiles/useraccounts must also be no larger than 150 x 150 in size?

This is important for me to know ahead of time because I don't want my "production team" creating a whole bunch of avatar images for our (future) members if the image dimensions will end up being too large to upload successfully.

ON-EDIT Oh, and on top of that...

I went back and looked at my Profile, and it turns out the "save" DIDN'T work.

So it didn't even let me change my Avatar image itself, despite how I resized it to 150x150. Grrrrr....



Well, I tried uploading the new image by going to "Change Personal Photo" and it seems to have worked.

But which of my two photos will show up once I post on my board itself?

Jun 12 2018, 11:31 PM
First-time admin/moderator/"gamemaster"-in-training, here...

Just joined Jcink; preparing extra-early for a Survivor RPG/ORG to launch in January 2019.

The good news is that (I think!) I've figured out how to create individual Categories and Forums for my upcoming board, using my Admin CP. Which is my important first step on this journey.

The bad news is that, while I'm able to personally view those Forums and Categories that I've created from "Forum Control" / "Manage Forums" -- I can't seem to get the Categories and Forums themselves to display on my actual board (see the above link).

After I've figured that out, I'm going to need to also figure out how to hide certain forums from specific members (I haven't pre-registered the individual contestant avatars yet, so that's probably a headache for another day...)

P.S. -- I know virtually NOTHING about coding, so if someone could also point me to the location of any tutorials when it comes to functions such as uploading custom skins, creating new member/avatar profiles, etc., I'd be greatly appreciative.

But first things first: how do I get my actual Categories & Forums to visibly display on the board proper?
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