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 avatar rotation
ok so you're probably aware of randimg and how some people used it for rotating avatars here on jcink...but they use imgur to host so now we can't use that. i've tried looking for a replacement site and the only ones that exist are either paid subscriptions or you would have to create a new account for each one, and it's a lot nicer/easier to manage when they're all in one place, you know?

i was wondering if a feature like this might be possible to implement into jcink?
This is not really something we've ever thought about since it doesn't necessarily fit into the scope of the forum service.

randimg is also basically breaking imgur's terms of service too btw and will probably be banned soon as well by them.

I am sure that other services will spring up to fill this need, I'm not really sure how we'd implement this. We could have a multiple avatar links section I suppose or multiple avatar uploads. Could get a bit complex in the UserCP though for users.

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I can tell you that the random picture thing I use is and you can link to any picture address you want.

If that helps at all.
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