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 Filtering topics based on post icon
So, essentially on my previous site before I moved to Jcink we had thread tags, which as a roleplay just allowed us to put "Open" "Private" etc and what types of thread the roleplay was focused around in the title.

Using posting icons I recreated the tags to give people a visual indicator, but my question is:

Is it possible to filter threads based on post icons?

So if a member wanted all the threads with P_ICON1 which is "Open" for us to show up in a board, in theory, is this possible?

Now not as like an only open threads show up but more in a filter/search way, like how the board does with descending order and by post count, date, etc.

I'm just curious if it is even a possibility to begin with tbh.
I don't believe so, currently. I know, in the meantime, some boards do something like create a unique hashtag that's unlikely to be used elsewhere, like

#thisthreadisopen edit: like outlined here

And then you can search for that. If you want to take it a step further you can make a custom bbcode that links to the search already. If you do this, I would just test it to make sure it works before implementing it across your site, because sometimes the search feature can be unpredictable (or at least it seems that way to me, but I probably just don't understand it.

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Thank you!
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