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Jul 16 2018, 04:30 PM
Alrighty so maybe I'm overlooking something (again), but is there a way to recount an account's post count?

I know there's a way to recount the entire forum's stats but I didn't see a way to recount stats for user accounts.
I say this as I'm trying to repost content off of my old forum and start over on Jcink due to ZB closing and using the "Post As" box so I don't have to make everyone repost everything themselves. Well apparently doing so doesn't actually increase their post count.
I caught it early this time so I was able to manually adjust the post counts but just wondering for down-the-road.
Jul 3 2018, 04:11 AM
I may have overlooked this, so apologies if so, but there's something I use on ZetaBoards which I'm missing as I try out Jcink.

That being, a bump tool for moderators.

Instead of making a dummy post to bump a thread (whether to revive them, or help sort them), you just use the bump tool and it'll bump the thread up without needing to make a reply.
(Though it will show you in the last posted area so you can see who bumped it).
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