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 Custom Forum Structure
You might be here because you need help with 'Custom Forum Structure' (also known as CFS, or "Black's" Custom Forum Structure) or a similar third party script. Are you running a radically different forum index layout? If so, you're probably using this script and will want to read on.

While we would not normally make a sticky topic about a third party javascript code, we realize that it has become extremely popular because of its ability to modify the forum layout. Users come here regularly for help and support on it and rather than turn them away, we've figured out how to use it and some of its quirks and support them if we can.

But sometimes, CFS has critical failures. This is because of bugs in the script itself, NOT Jcink Forum Hosting. The following are common occurrances that can happen with CFS:
  • Forums disappearing
  • Categories Disappearing
  • In-Forum Sub-forums Disappearing
  • In-Forum topic indexes disappearing
  • Profiles Disappearing
  • Profile Fields Out Of Order
If you are experiencing any of these issues, please read below for common solutions/answers.

1. My forums/categories/subforums/topics are disappearing?!

This is by the largest bug with CFS. There are couple things to look into if you are having this issue.

Make sure that (X Viewing) in Admin CP > System Settings> CPU saving is disabled off. This will always break your structure, because the current version does not support it.

If that does not work, try deleting or changing some of the "new post" / "no new post" macros on the index. We've found sometimes these can mess it up too but aren't sure why.

Next, check to see if you have any password protected forums. If you do, unfortunately you need to disable them. Black's CFS does not support password protected forums, so having them on will break it immediately.

Sometimes, forums disappear for reasons unknown because of failed parsing by the script and there is nothing you can do except to remove it rectify the issue.

2. My custom profiles are disappearing!

If you are using the Portal style profile, and there are any friends added. they must be deleted. The script breaks if a user has any friends.

Secondly, the sub-accounts drop-down menu that appears if groups are permitted to view can also cause this problem.Sometimes the "colon" symbol or ":" screws up as well.

CFS recommends to NOT have the portal style profile enabled, and you can disable it under "Admin CP > User Profiles" but...

3. My custom profile fields aren't working or are inconsistent, showing {field%}!

There are a lot of reasons this could be happening, but firstly, you must make absolutely sure ALL profile fields can be viewed by ALL users. There can be NO hidden profile fields or fields only admins can see. Verify this by checking your settings. It's extremely important.

The biggest thing to understand is that field#s in CFS do not correspond to the JFH field_x numbers in the Admin CP at ALL, which is very tricky indeed! It may SEEM to be that they correspond initially, because when you're adding fields it goes in numerical order. However, once any field is deleted, it throws off the entire order!

The only way to know which field# you're working with is to disable the script, check the "other information" section, and count 1 by 1 in order and label them in your head.

Admin hidden fields get screwed up here as well because the order changes.

I've tried everything. Nothing is working.

You're free to post a topic here, but we may be unable to help you fix the problem especially if you are encountering a unique bug. The support site / faq for the script is available here and covers more things to try, we have just touched on the most common ones we see here at the support forum.

At this time we presently we officially do not recommend using CFS. This is because the script is not being actively developed by it's creator for over a year now. This post outlines that: My personal life, CFS, and the future. Although updates are supposedly planned, they have still not appeared since the time of that post. We will update this topic if/when bugs are fixed and/or there is a change to the script. But there is nothing indicate changes will be happening quickly.

Final Information

Although we do not recommend using CFS at this time, there are plans to incorporate the functionality everyone enjoys with this library into the service itself.

As a result of the popularity of this script, we are actively developing an HTML/Board Template system!

We truly believe that this is a step in the right direction and will make skinning a lot easier. You'll be able to properly format templates for readability instead of having them be all on one line, and won't have to deal with the restrictions and/or unpredictability of javascript. In fact, you could even use javascript to create conditionals - something you currently can't do (or can't do easily) with most of the template scripts out there.

The HTML template system is completed. Please view the relevant documentation.

Thanks as always for your patience and support!


email: :: blog: John C.
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