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 Variable for multi-mods
Generally speaking, I like to add the name of the forum a topic is being taken from to the beginning or end of the title of the thread I am archiving, when it comes to setting up multi-mods. Currently, I have to set up a separate multi-mod for every forum I want to archive threads from using multi-mods in this way. Would it be possible (I'm not sure if it's even technically possible) to have some sort of variable that can be added to the "Add to START of topic title?" or "Add to END of topic title?" (even just one of these would be helpful) fields for multi-mods? Or even some sort of setting I could turn on that would add this to a title when a thread is archived using multi-mods?

Kindly: do not contact me on Discord for support, do not PM me for support. Thanks for understanding!
Interesting idea; we'll definitely consider it for the future.

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