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Jul 17 2018, 01:07 PM
For those not aware, IcyBoards, another forum service has decided to close its doors. But they have provided the databases to their users, and they recommended our service to migrate to as a reliable home.

IB's service is closing July 31st. If you wish to convert from IB, please start working with us now as there is not much time left. The process is as follows:

1. Send an email to with your IB database attached

2. Include a link to your IB forum

3. Wait for my response -- I'll try to respond to you within 24-48 hours regarding whether I was able to successfully import your board into my development server.

4. If the import into the development server goes well, then I'll send you some screenshots of the board stats, the general forum layout, maybe a topic or two -- just to see if at a glance it looks as it should.

5. If everything goes OK with the test import and we're OK with the preview, then we'll schedule a time that's best for you and us to coordinate a conversion. In general, if a board has less or around than 100k posts then a conversion installation can be done in around 30 minutes from the time that I start working on it.

Everyone who wants to move from IB at this point to our service needs to email me ASAP as we are ready to begin conversions. Start this process with us no later than July 28th to avoid a significant delay in your import.

Please keep in mind that we are converting/migrating the following data:

1. Topics
2. Posts (links in the posts will be remapped)
3. Members & their Profiles (all users will need to reset their password with forgotten password recovery)
4. Categories
5. Forums
6. PMs
7. Avatars

Forum permissions will need to be reconfigured. Skins/themes will not be converted.

If your IB forum had adult or mature content, or it was mature rated, you will need to purcahse premium service after the conversion process is finished.

Before sending a final database copy ot us for moving, please do what you can to delete anything that isn't necessary. If you have a trashcan of old deleted posts for example and you really don't care about keeping them, please dletete them as every little bit helps make the conversion process faster.

Thank you for your patience and support! We welcome you here to JFH/Jcink and hope to help you have the best experience going forward even though we don't run the same software
May 23 2018, 03:29 PM
  • At 1:55 PM EDT there was a firmware fault with the drive controller on the server.
  • We worked to debug this. but ultimately elected to reboot the server at 2:37PM EDT.
  • Service was back online at 2:45PM EDT, but due to the hard restart pages were slow (~30 minutes) while the system 'warmed up.'
  • 4:00PM, service has stablized and restored to normal operation. (you may still experience sporadic lag for a few hours while it adds to the cache)
At this time we're closely monitoring everything, and are still investigating the full cause of the crash and will provide an update in the future. Due to the hard shutdown a handful of boards needed individual attention to repair data tables.

We're sincerely sorry for the interruption; please reach out if you are still unable to access or are having issues with your board.
May 4 2018, 05:04 PM
As a forum owner or member, we know that you value your privacy. We're updating our privacy policy, and the these changes will take effect later this month. Some changes to our privacy policy will include, but are not limited to the following:

More Transparency: We’ll provide additional details about the information collected and how we use that information. We’ll explain your choices and the control you have over your personal information. Every hosted forum will contain a link to the privacy policy in their footer near the copyright. The new privacy policy will include things such as an itemized description of what cookies are saved to track your login for example, rather than just saying that "we use cookies."

We have not made any changes to the data we collect, and we don't, and won't sell your data to third parties.

GDPR: On May 25, 2018, a new European Union (EU) data protection law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), takes effect. The GDPR gives individuals in the EU more control over how their personal data is used and places some obligations on businesses that process information of those individuals, even if they reside outside the EU. We’ll update our Privacy Policy to take into account some of the new requirements of the GDPR, as we receive more guidance from Europe and as market practices evolve. For more information about the GDPR see: here.

Privacy Tools: We're providing some enhanced member management functions for improved privacy. For example, when deleting a member, you can now choose to delete all IP address data associated with said member. Also a new feature, you can also choose to delete a member's personal information (such as: age, date of birth, and other profile elements), but keep the account itself.

As always, we will keep you updated about anything that changes with respect to privacy and data protection practices. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns. Please keep in mind that we can't offer legal advice but we can answer any technical or otherwise questions you may have.

-John & the JFH team.
Feb 4 2018, 06:33 PM
Today we have a general update regarding some features, changes, and status.

HTTPS Update

Starting today, when a new board is registered the link provided will be the HTTPS URL. This means that when you register a new board, it will transfer you to rather than

You are not forced to use HTTPS for your forum; as the http link will work; however, it is advised that if you haven't worked on getting your forum HTTPS-ready you should plan to do so this year. We want everyone to have a smooth and easy transition to HTTPS in due time. That being said, HTTP will always be available for as long as possible. We recently added a new feature that will seamlessly redirect everyone on your board to the https mode; including old posted links in topics.

It has been almost a year since we implemented HTTPS for *, and the reasons for this are provided here: What is HTTPS?. This page also contains resources and information to help you regarding the transition.

Messenger Fields

By default, boards include fields for messenger applications, including: GTalk, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and Skype. Beginning this year, AIM finally closed their doors, along with MSN the previous years. Rather than force specific messengers into profiles on all communities, we will be removing these soon.

We recommend communities utilizing these fields to migrate any messengers that are still online such as skype and yahoo messenger to a custom profile field. The custom profile field system contains everything you need to add a number of social media and messengers (ex: discord, facebook) if you feel your community needs it. (As a side note: we are also looking into discord web hooks).

Spam & the Captcha

Scattered reports to us regarding spam in guest forums have been made. Last year we implemented Google's reCaptcha v2 and saw great success in spam filtering. Unfortunately, this year, recAPTCHA v2 was 'cracked' via the audio function, but it is still difficult for many spammers to pull off. In response to this we have increased keyword filtering, blocked aggressive known guest-spam IP ranges, and will continue to monitor the situation.

Inactive Forums

We've seen so many requests in the last year or two from those who want to use names of old forums that have been inactive for 2 or 3 years, especially ones with little to no content that are just sitting on a "good" name!

We will still be taking these requests by email; however toward the end of the year we will likely do a larger inactivity clearance to free names and resources on our systems. This past holiday season we saw a lot of spammers continue to hit boards like this as well despite the fact that they cannot be posted to. So we are thinking about mitigations options for the coming year to make the service even less attractive to those who spam while at the same time freeing names for those who'd like to use them. Remember: To mark any board as active, simply login to it via an Admin or Mod account. You do not actually need an 'active' community. More details on this of course will be provided when the time comes; we have done these types of clearances in the past on a micro and larger level as well.


We want to thank everyone who has subscribed to premium in the last few years. To celebrate that thanks, we always increase benefits each year and this year will be no different. Look for those increases sometime in the spring.

Status Page

Many users may not be aware but we recently updated our status page, which checks at 5 minute intervals for up-time. Our server status can always be found here: and updates are provided on twitter. Our status site is graciously hosted by uptimerobot and is not operated by us.

Here's to a great 2018! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
May 30 2017, 03:52 PM

This is something I have been quietly developing over the past couple weeks. It is not something anyone has really requested or wantd -- so, first I need to say that this development is intended for our use only. We are building a simple CMS / Content Management System module that fits our needs.

What do I mean by this? We're looking to consolidate resources (skins / codes / graphics / templates ) for JFH into a searchable, organized database system rather than being within a forum. It will also be better than searching the support forum for known solutions, and ranked by a simple "likes" system (no - we are not working on the full like system yet.)

So, all this requires us to build a custom solution and that's what we're doing.

The CMS is located here for now, and will not work on any other forum except this one. Please be advised that there is not much to do here at this time, but you can browse and get an idea of what we're doing.

I have decided to build out this system while catering to our needs, to also abstract it as much as possible. If there is great interest from the JFH admin community in seeing something like this available as a feature on your boards, I will build out an admin panel for it with additional options.

Right now there are zero plans to do so, as I have no idea how much interest there would possibly be in something like this which may only work for a small subset of communities.

This thread will serve as the development journal for this feature and for general talk / discussion about it. I plan to get this done very quickly as what I have already was completed in a couple week's time.
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