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 Removing anonymous access?
Firstly, I want to apologize if there is already a topic on this, as I am mostly in a hurry and didn’t take the time to read further.

The issue I’m having on my current forum (where I’m an administrator) is we have a select couple of members who are using their anonymous feature for malicious reasons. They’re “stalking” members who they’ve had disagreements with, or with whom they don’t see eye to eye with, and in some cases reporting their topics because of these apparent feuds. These matters have been addressed with them (informing them that if they had issues with their fellow members, the quickest way for them to move past that was to spend less time in said persons threads), problem is, they’re not listening. Its become a bit of a problem for the members who are being followed because they feel as though their every move is being followed. It’s even driven one of them to a temporary leave, as they no longer feel the same passion to roleplay that they did previously due to the impact this has had on their mental health.

So I mean yeah... I didn’t mean to go on quite the tangent that I did, but here we are. Is there a way to disable this for ALL members so that some form of peace can be restored to the forum? I really hate that It’s causing the rifts that it is with members and this felt like the last possible step to resolving it.

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I just went through the entire ACP and I do not believe it's possibly to turn anonymous viewing off, even on a per member group basis.

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I don't believe there's a setting, but there's a coding option that can help with most people being able to access this.

In your board wrapper find the following:


Replace it with this:

<body ID="<!-- |input_act| -->">

Then add this to the bottom of your CSS (stylesheet):

#Login .tablebasic input[type="checkbox"] {pointer-events: none; cursor: not-allowed}

This won't hide the option, but it shouldn't allow it to be selected either.

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