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Jan 9 2017, 01:04 PM
We're looking forward into the new year. As JFH has grown and changed over the years so have the needs of forum administrators and their members. The result? Some features and modules are rarely, or sparsely used. This is for a variety of reasons -- sometimes they have been eclipsed by newer features, they are outdated, or simply not of use in today's web.

Without any spin: we are going to be removing some features that less than 2% of our active boards even have enabled, and less than 0.5% are even "utilizing."

Out of respect for those still using these features, we are not doing this right away, and instead have marked them as deprecated with a notice for the last month or so. This is to let everyone know these features will be removed in the near future.

There is no time frame for them to be pulled - you do not have to worry about this for now, as this would be months, possibly a year down the line for some features before they are taken out.

Here is a list of the features that have been deprecated and will eventually be removed, as of 1/9/17
  • IPBookie System
  • DL System
  • Army System
  • IPDynamic Lite
  • Navigation Bar Set-up
  • Ad Removal (not premium)
  • RSS Feeds
As always, we are not going to stop adding features and working on JFH. But a cleaner code base is always easier to work with -- and less clutter in the Admin CP makes things more clear for both current and new administrators.

We apologize if you are utilizing one or more of these features and urge you to reach out to us if this will critically affect you. This will help us adjust our time frames in the future for removal and we may also be able to help you find a better solution for your needs.

We have ALSO deprecated the "Profile Templates" section of the Admin CP -- but I have not included it in the less than 1% category. Many users are still operating out of this section, so it will be a long time before it is removed. However, a notice is displayed to urge moving their template over to the new HTML Templates system -- which for most is a quick copy and paste.

Thank you for your continued support as we go forward into another new year!
Dec 24 2016, 09:46 PM
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

[dohtml]<img height='230' width='150' src=''>[/dohtml]

Everyone here at wishes you a happy and safe holiday season 2016, and the best of luck with your forum into the new year!
Sep 19 2016, 02:20 PM
Is there any interest in video tutorials for JFH? In the past year or two because of my hobby, I have become good enough to produce quality videos (so has Crystal). Video editors are not a foreign thing to me as they once were. With the HTML Templates Sets being released, I was considering actually making a video and uploading it to YouTube to show how they can be morphed to new users. The only thing I'd need is a good microphone but beyond that all of the equipment is there.

So would you like to see video tutorials for JFH-related things, and if so, what type of videos would interest you the most? Or is video too ridiculous for what can be found by just reading the wiki for most things.
Aug 12 2016, 10:59 PM
HTML Template Sets have been released for public beta testing. We recently made it available to all forums and encourage all forum owners and developers to read our announcement on it.

The HTML Template Sets area can be found in Admin CP → Skins & Templates → HTML Templates.

Via this new feature, you can now fully customize the following templates:
  • Category Headers
  • Board Stats
  • Forum Row
  • Topic Row
  • Main Profile
  • Mini Profile
  • Redirect Row
  • Subforum Headers
  • Topic List Headers
  • Post Row
We created this built-in feature, having seen developers do amazing things with JFH and JavaScript to customize their forum's HTML. A well-known available script is Black's Custom Forum Structure or "CFS" for short. While this popular 3rd party script has done amazing job for JFH users and we're amazed and even grateful at how much work was put into it all for JFH's benefit, it does not come without flaws, and it is no longer being regularly updated by its original author. The last commit to the github for it was 5 months ago.

As a result, if you are running CFS (you may be here because the Admin CP told you) you may have experienced all or some of the following:
  • Forums disappearing
  • Categories Disappearing
  • In-Forum Sub-forums Disappearing
  • In-Forum topic indexes disappearing
  • Profiles Disappearing
  • Profile Fields Out Of Order
  • Forum Templates 'Flickering'
We cannot solve any of these problems, they are bugs within the script itself that we cannot fix. But you do not have to live with these problems anymore. You can switch away from Custom Forum Structure, and use the new HTML Template Sets feature which is more robust and stable -- because it's done via the system side, coded and fully supported by Forum Hosting.

We urge all users presently using Custom Forum Structure (CFS), to please take a look at our migration guide. We have worked hard to try to make it so you can simply copy your CFS template into our system, and it will automatically translate it. To start moving your templates away from CFS, please see our Converting Custom Forum to Structure HTML Templates Migration Guide. No matter what version of CFS you are using, you can migrate from it.

The system is still in "beta", so we are actively developing it and welcome your input in the development topic. However, at this stage there is really no reason to be using CFS anymore for any of the above mentioned templates. All of them are extremely stable.

If you require assistance with conversion because you are suffering from problems related to CFS, please feel free to post in our forums for help and we will try to guide you!

Helpful Links:Thank you for your support!

- JFH Administration
Jun 13 2016, 12:07 PM
If you could automate one aspect of your forum managamement, what would it be?

What's something that you do manually that you wish you could have fully or partially automated?

Keep this topic "realistic" -- obviously a skin/theme is a lot of work, but that will never design itself. Mainly, what tasks do you complete regularly that you wish could perhaps have an in-built automated system to help you handle it?
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