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 A bug?
I don't know where to post this.....however i'm not sure if this is a bug or not. Please move the thread if it is in the wrong place.

I noticed a while back that when posting as <insert username> from Admin account.... <insert username> post count does not increase..... it has to be manually adjusted via ACP. I was under impression that it will automatically adjust it.

Is this is how it is set up?
Y'know I actually made a thread about this the other day.

If the account is linked as a subaccount, the post count increases as normal.
If you just type a name on in, the post count doesn't increase for whatever reason.

Oh noes the snobolds!

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ZB transfers have begun.
my issue is happening on the sub-accounts as well. Could be due to posts being old and account being new. :/ maybe.... I'll do it manually then.

or it could be i'm swapping posts and accounts
never mind..... I figure it out for now

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