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Aug 30 2012, 01:12 PM
dohtml issue [SOLVED]
I already googled for answers, but they all suggest the same thing.
I am on a friend's jcink site and the dohtml has proper dohtml tags but it only shows up as text (as in it has words, and instead of showing the code or what the code is suppose to look like, it only shows the words in plain text). I have temporary admin cp access though and I went to the forum it was posted in's settings, and the dohtml is enabled.
I went to my member group and the dohtml is enabled as well.
What was done wrong?
Sorry if this is an absolute dumb question.
Jun 29 2012, 10:09 PM
So, I'm in the process of opening a site and I'm working on getting an Affiliates page.
I added the link already in the Modification Enabler. (yes, with daffiliates)
I also enabled Global Affiliates and added all of my settings.
I referenced THIS support topic but I haven't figured this out whatsoever.
I also went to the Wiki linked to, and I put the <% AFFS %> tag in the Wrappers underneath the Navigation one and saved. It is still not showing up. I even tried moving it further down since I would like it at the near bottom of the page. What am I doing wrong? I am extremely confused.
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