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 Post Row variables and private option for reputations
Hi! Regarding the Reputation System, I was wondering if the topic's forum's and post's ID variables can be added for Post Rows. I wanted to manually link the changing for reputation myself just to not have the hassle of editing the CSS and hiding the negative rep since my forum will not be allowing that.

index.php?act=rep&CODE=01&mid=<!-- |poster_id| -->&f=<!-- |forum_id| -->&t=<!-- |topic_id| -->&p=<!-- |pid| -->

I noticed that this can already be accomplished in the Mini Profile because all the missing variables I need to link the rep are available in there. I wanted to put the option to change rep beside the date on the post and not in the MP, so having the variables in the Post Rows would be great. I know I can also just use position to accomplish this but it's a pretty roundabout way to do it.

The other thing I wanted to ask for is the option to make the reputation's statistics page private, so that members can only view their own reputation and, of course, the staff to monitor abuse. The forum's going to be a roleplaying site and I'm wary of people who may end up comparing themselves to each other just by the positive comments they get. I want them to get the nice comments that they deserve while, at the same time, discouraging people who are just going around throwing compliments to get attention (and lowering the chance of them getting a bad reputation for it.) For sure, hiding reputations may not eliminate the possibilities of those still happening, but I wanted to introduce it with the right mindset of what it's for.

I know there is a Like feature already here, but I do like the Reputation System more for the intent of this one because of the comments you can add.

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We'll definitely consider adding the other variables but by design PID is very hard for us to add now and was intentionally left out. So we would have to rework some of the system unfortunately to fully complete this suggestion.

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I understand. It was a pretty niche idea and since I can actually do it in the miniprofile anyway, I'll live. I'll just have to set stern rules for the rep and hope for the best.

Thanks for the fast response as always!
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