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Nov 4 2017, 09:56 AM
The current award system is a bit of a pain for anyone with multiple awards and accounts. I'd like to suggest a more built in system with a drop down menu to select the award. A built in registry with all the awards, images, descriptions, etc.

Because of the image hosting this might be a premium only thing, but would make life so much easier.

On my phone. Apologies for errors.
Nov 14 2015, 10:15 PM
Not sure if this would go here or in the bug report forum. Figured this was my best bet so that if its wrong, I can rearrange accordingly.


That is appearing at the top of a page before it loads and then in the Recent Alerts drop down once it's loaded in.

When registering or posting as a guest, the security code won't show and sits on a broken image saying "loading image." This started popping up after enabling the alert system (which has been met with much praise beyond this single issue, by the way. We're a little bit in love with it.)

The only things I could find via Google were from when the security codes broke last year and a couple coding issues from '12.
Nov 4 2015, 03:17 PM
I realize this likely isn't possible with the current set up (maybe it is, I don't know paypal well!)

But other sites feature the ability for members to buy certain amount of time (usually at least 30 days) of their premium feature and "donate" it to the site. (In reality, buying time directly for the site itself) so that the burden of hosting isn't solely on the admin.

Enjin's group pay is a good example of this. Their set up also gives the option for a widget on their site where you can see who has donated, how much time, when it expires and how much the monthly cost is. (I can provide a link to a site with this feature active if you'd like.)

I'd like to see something like this available for Jcink's premium. It gives user's the ability to support a site they enjoy, gives Jcink more avenue for revenue and allows admin the option to ask for time as opposed to the shadier option, which is monetary donations to keep their premium status.
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