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Mar 31 2018, 10:26 PM

Is there a way to remove the '--------------------' from appearing from users utilizing signatures? Most of our users are using centered images in their signatures, and the row of dashes sticking off to the left side above them are a bit awkward. I'd love to center them or remove them altogether, if possible?

Thank you!
Nov 4 2017, 06:28 PM

I was wondering if it would ever be possible to have a post stats by member feature in the ACP. We like to do monthly top poster awards, and quite frankly, manually checking the post counts of 100+ different members accounts and then logging it in a spreadsheet to calculate the difference in number of posts between months is a huge pain and excessively time consuming.

It would be great to have a feature in the ACP -> Statistic Center -> Post Stats that could be broken down by member; so instead of just seeing that there were 100 posts in the month of October, we could click on it and it would expand into a break down how many of those 100 posts came from which of our members.

If this is possible, I'd love to see it implemented someday! Thanks for reading.
Sep 23 2017, 09:20 PM

Prospective new forum administrator here. I currently co-admin a forum over on Proboards, but considering their unreliable servers as of late, have been considering moving to Jcink.

The problem is, the desired URL is currently already taken. Now, normally I wouldn't even question such a thing, but it was created over a year ago, with 0 logins since the initial creation and no content on the forums.

At what point do you do cleanups/relinquish an inactive URL to the public again, if ever? Just curious if we COULD get our desired URL, or if we should start thinking of a new one.

Thank you!
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