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Oct 17 2010, 11:16 PM
Is it possible to move everything that's on jcink to the new server host that I got? I'm using I just want to be able to say that my forum is 100% wind powered. rolleyes.gif
Oct 12 2010, 07:29 PM
The ToS states:

"Forum must all be in English."

I am a bilingual administrator, hosting a forum with mostly bilingual members, and my members seem to be having a hard time coping with this rule since English isn't always their first language. In fact, we are an international community. Some people come from Japan, Malaysia, Cyprus, and the United States, although most of us come from the Philippines. Is there any way that you would allow us to use any other language to communicate? What if I vow to take full responsibility of any misuse of language? I find it a necessity to allow other languages so that my users would be able to fully enjoy the forum. If I can allow them to speak a certain language within a certain thread or forum or at best, the entire forum, I would be overjoyed. I promise to make translations for every foreign word, and eliminate any presence of foul language or inappropriate content, hidden by language barriers, should any of those exist.
Sep 14 2010, 05:18 AM
The title says it all. What if you have the option to click a little "Like" button on every post to show how popular it is? Maybe something like the rep system? Personally, I don't want to connect it to Facebook since my forum life is totally separate from my social life, so it would be great if there could be a built-in "Like" system. smile.gif
Sep 11 2010, 11:01 PM
My site is continually making negotiations with bigger sites, and many of them have merged with us. Thing is, I need scroll down a lot more now since I told the merged sites that we'd give them space (i.e. their own forums). The Close Category Feature isn't exactly what I'm looking for either... then I realized, what about forum "tabs"? Like for example, under Tab 1, you would have all the forum categories under Forum 1. Under Tab 2, you would have all the forum categories under Forum 2. I know that by clicking on a Category link, you can isolate it from all the other categories right? But what if I want several categories to be isolated from several other categories? I think I'd like to see this feature. smile.gif
Sep 9 2010, 03:46 AM
So I tried giving an award to someone and saw no difference. How is this supposed to work?
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