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 API to Database
Awesome, nice to see more interest.

I'm using PHP because that is my primary language. The library of API functions will be written in this as well - but if you make a .NET version of it I would be happy to link to it within our documentation somewhere.

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Well, if you are already making the API in PHP, then I'm out. Don't know squat of PHP. tongue.gif

If you have documentation on the MySQL queries required for the API, I can make a .NET REST service that serves JSON. This however would require you to have an MS IIS server with .NET Framework 4.0 hosting the services and have this server connect to the databases. I'm guessing this can be a big problem if your server is already PHP. I would provide the source code though. No problem there.

Making a .NET API to wrap around PHP API shouldn't be necessary. As long as the PHP service is TCP and HTTP compliant, I can consume such service from .NET or whatever platform.

Man, my skin tingles when I think about making an app for Android/iOS/WP7 for my site. smile.gif I really hope you can complete this project sometime. Count me in as a .NET tester.


OMG dude! I just checked Mono Project and noticed that I can use C#.NET to program a web service which can run in Linux and Apache. I would make the service and send you the code so you can compile and run in your server. It would require you to make some configurations and probably learn C# as well.

If you are interested here is the link. Mono is a free open source platform, you shouldn't have to pay a penny for it.

Whatever you decide, just finish the damn thing! biggrin.gif

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QUOTE (phissionmailed @ Nov 22 2011, 06:53 PM)
Making a .NET API to wrap around PHP API shouldn't be necessary.  As long as the PHP service is TCP and HTTP compliant, I can consume such service from .NET or whatever platform.

Yes, it will be. What I meant was though is that I'm going to write a little library of functions e.g. like log_in(); register(); that make API calls and then distribute it. Just to make it even easier. You could make a .NET version of it when it gets done.

I am probably just going to stick with what I know best; I can't really get into learning C# right now. Our systems don't run any microsoft software, it's all Red hat enterprise linux based. The back end of the boards is all written in PHP so I'm going to stay with that when I write it just for familiarity and ease of integration.

Thanks for all of your input!

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Got it! Once it's ready and I test it from .NET I'll make a DLL library to ease the usage of the API. I'll just send the source code and the compiled library.

Good luck man. Can you maybe say a percentage of how close you are for a beta version? 70%?

I'm such a bother. sad.gif
This project isn't in development right now at all, sorry. This thread was just created to gather feedback. Unfortunately I cannot give you a date when this will be started. We're working on a lot of other projects right now.

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Ack. Oh well. It'll be ready when it's ready.
QUOTE (phissionmailed @ Nov 23 2011, 04:25 AM)
If you finish this I'll be one of the firsts to consume this API.  I am currently a member in another JCINK forum and would love to integrate the forums with a dedicated mobile app.

Heck, if you are using .NET to develop this API lemme know.  I can help.  I use .NET every day at work.

Using JSON is the best idea.  It is leaner than XML and better to be consumed from mobile devices and javascript.

Maybe design the API as a REST service?

I'll be checking every now and then this thread for updated status. tongue.gif

i like this.. what particular mobile os do you plan on making the app for? ios/android/symbian/java app?
Once it's set I'll do Android first because it's 100% to make the app and post it in the app store.

After, probably iOS.

No Symbian for me. That's a dead OS now that Nokia decided to go 100% Windows Phone 7, which would be my third platform to develop for.

Hey jcink. I was thinking about this. You best best would be a REST service. That way programming the API should feel like programming a normal web page. Hope you go with JSON as a format to receive and send. It is very good for mobile platforms. Just a couple of pointers once you get around to program the API.
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