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Jan 12 2012, 07:36 PM
Our current PM system sucks hard (no offense). The back and forth email-like setup is so much harder to manage than what our forums already have: threaded conversation. When you want to CC someone, it's impossible to keep them in the loop of what you've already been discussing, and CCing people in general is annoying. Further, unless you keep quote nesting each other, you can't really go back and see what each of you said without saving a copy in your sent message folder. And even doing this is a pain because you have to open up 23947234 PMs to find the PM that contains the info you're looking for (such as a link someone sent you etc). And lastly, the whole PM attachment system is a bit wonky, making it hard to share images/files via PM.

Replace the PM system so that it starts a private topic between the parties, and you can invite anyone to view the topic (this is how you 'CC' someone). Invision Power Board 3.0 and many other sites already do this.
Oct 19 2011, 08:50 PM
This is a wonderful mod we have on another site and I'd love to see this on Jcink.

The basic principle is that when a report is filed it goes into a specific forum as a new topic. The forum ID is designated in the ACP warn set-up and is a staff only forum.

This makes it so much easier for multiple staff to review a reported post and discuss it if necessary before taking moderation action. This is most important for larger sites where context and intent can be misunderstood when reading a reported post by itself without input from others who know that part of a community. This also provides a topic that can be linked to in a warn log that many times explains the mod action taken more thoroughly than a single short entry in a log can achieve.

The warn system is coded so each report topic is auto created with HTML so it has a specific look, here's an example taken directly from our report system (edited to remove actual report content):


Once the mod action is decided upon, you simply leave a post in the topic and click the "resolve" button which then sends the last post of the topic as a PM to the member who filed the report. This action also closes the topic.

Here's what the PM looks like, ignore the CSS styling errors as we're in the middle of a coding change and the PM system is out of wack.

Oct 17 2011, 02:06 PM
I use multiple skins on my site for the sole purpose of having different background images and logos depending on what page you are viewing. Each skin is exactly the same other than those 2 images as well as the macros. I use the forum control in ACP to set which skin goes with which forum.

This is cumbersome when it's time to update the CSS for whatever reason.

I'd like to move the logo to my stylesheet so I can have one wrapper and I'd also like to have only 1 stylesheet, but that one stylesheet would have to be coded to allow for the changing of logo and background images according to which forum is being viewed.

Is this possible and if so could someone help me out with the necessary coding?
Sep 5 2011, 01:57 PM
Forum Link/URL: Ask me

Problem: I've had enough of Baidu and the spam it has brought to my site. I do not want that spider crawling me at all. I've already banned most of the IP's their servers use but it remains persistent and shows up on IP's that are banned.

I've done some research, it's a bad spider that consumes server resources and even ignores robots.txt. I've seen reports where Baidu has caused thousands of queries per minute and crashed servers.

Is there any way you can get rid of this spider on my board Jcink?
Sep 3 2011, 03:59 AM
Forum Link/URL: Lot's of spam lately, I'll PM you the URL if you request it Jcink, not posting it publicly.

Problem: Many of my users get a 400 error lately when they try to add files/pics/attachments. This happens on multiple browsers on every skin including the default Jcink skin. My guys try to add attachment, freeze for about a minute, then get the 400 error. I cannot replicate the issue, everything works fine for me.
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