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Aug 12 2017, 05:15 PM
Hi there,

Does the <!-- |avatar| --> variable not resolve on custom webpages? Additionally, is there such a thing as <!-- |avatar_url| -->?
Jul 16 2017, 03:16 AM
Hi there. Didn't like the idea of starting separate new threads, so I'm just going to start dumping all of my itty bitty scripts in here as they're created.

Mobile-friendly quote/code highlight and copy
CSS transitions friendly
Fixes redundant #QUOTE/#CODE IDs

Download (GitHub)

JQuery recent topics filter/non-index cache
Filters and excludes topics by forum ID
Tooltip compatible, tooltip hover contains timestamp
Stock, parses into <li> elements
Updates on index page visit

Example courtesy of Delphi
Download (GitHub)

JQuery shout-box adaptation
Expanded styling (user specific, etc)
Filtered doHTML/JC Ink BB code (prevents script execution/etc)
Audio notifications
Auto-refresh and manual refresh
Not iframe based
Uses Font Awesome by default, but you do you

Download (GitHub)

JQuery inline award menu
Currently in super beta
Appends an inline menu to the post-row template
Enables saving awards to be quickly re-used
actually terrible

Download (GitHub)
Jul 4 2017, 06:17 PM
Hi there,

Think it's possible to crank up the allowable options for the member list display? Unfortunately it's not possible to provide an out-of-bounds number in the form to display any more than 50, but if it were possible it'd make some scripting much easier.
May 15 2017, 03:58 PM

Post Drafting:

This script appends post drafting options to the posting form for new topics and new posts (no polls yet, because I forgot they exit until literally just now), and can save, load, and organize drafts from the UCP notepad - topic drafts will show up when you're creating a new topic, and post drafts will show up when you're creating a new post. As of recently, it features an auto-saving functionality, and will save a draft after five uninterrupted seconds following any keypress inside the relevant input fields.

The only usage concern is that, in order to have full topic draft functionality (inserting title/description as well as the body), you'll need to disable the file attachment system.

As for the notepad itself, it should preserve any non-draft content, so you needn't worry about purging member notepads. Lemme know if you have any trouble!

JQuery drafting (GitHub)
May 11 2017, 03:30 AM
Hi there,

Was putting the final touches to a post saving script, and I've discovered I absolutely cannot for the life of me interact with the topic title or topic description input fields. Debugging console is showing a plain 'operation is insecure' no matter what I try - whether it be a val statement or a remove. I can't even set CSS styles on it. What gives?
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