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Jan 10 2018, 11:33 AM
Hey all! So, I've recently given coding a shot, and have delved into the world of mini-profiles. I got the code all set up, CSS and all, and slotted into the appropriate places; I also made sure that the custom profile fields were set up with their corresponding field numbers all in order. So far so good, except for some reason, nothing is showing up? I also made sure to allocate the custom template to the correct skin, and that changed almost nothing; I've run into this issue a couple of times before with other skins and other templates, but have managed to fix it with some fiddling without really knowing what I'm doing.

Luckily, the coding itself isn't on the main board, but rather on a tester I made for this very purpose because I'm not trying to break everything (which I've been known to do). Any help would be super appreciated!


.hoverminiprof { opacity:0.0; height: 450px; width: 300px; line-height: 130%; background-color:#fff; -webkit-transition: opacity .6s linear; -moz-transition: opacity .6s linear; -o-transition: opacity .6s linear; overflow:auto; }
.hoverminiprof:hover { opacity: .70; }

.mpmain { width: 300px; height: 450px; position: absolute; top: 0px; left: 0px; }
.mpav { width: 300px; height: 450px; position: absolute; }
.mpstatus {padding: 15px; background-color: transparent; color: #696969; font-family: Montserrat; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 10px; text-align:center; letter-spacing: 2px; line-height: 100%; }
.mpname {width: 250px; padding: 15px; background-color: transparent; font-family: Montserrat; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 20px; text-align: center; letter-spacing: 2px; word-spacing: 4px; line-height: 100%;}
.mp1 { width: 250px; height: 400px; background-color: #f7f7f7; position: absolute; left: 25px; top:55px }
.mp2 { padding-top: 10px; padding-bottom: 10px; width: 200px; color: #696969; font-family: Montserrat; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 8px; text-align: center; letter-spacing: 2px; line-height: 100%; border-bottom:1px solid #696969; }
.mpgif { height: 100px; width: 225px;  position: absolute; bottom: 10px; left: 12px;}

.mpgroup #g-6 { background-color: #817706; }
.mpgroup #g-7 { background-color: #1a397a; }
.mpgroup #g-8 { background-color: #4f1a7a; }
.mpgroup #g-9 { background-color: #1a7a39; }
.mpgroup #g-10 { background-color: #7a2c1a; }
.mpgroup #g-4 { background-color: #313131; }


<center><div id="g-<!-- |g_id| -->" class="mpmain"><div class="mpname"><!-- |name| --></div><div class="mpav" style="background-image:url('')"></div><!-- |avatar| --><div class="hoverminiprof"><div class="mp1"><div class="mp2"><!-- |field_1| --> years old</div><div class="mp2"><!-- |field_2| --></div><div class="mp2"><!-- |field_3| --></div><div class="mp2"><!-- |field_4| --></div><div class="mp2"><a href="<!-- |field_5| -->">shipper</a></div><div class="mp2"><a href="<!-- |field_6| -->">development</a></div><div class="mp2"><a href="<!-- |field_7| -->">request</a></div><div class="mp2"><span><!-- |posts| --> posts</span></div><div class="mp2">played by <!-- |field_8| --></div><div class="mpstatus"><!-- |status| --></div><div class="mpgif"><img src=""></div></div></div></div></center>

Testing board

Thanks in advance!
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