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Jul 31 2017, 10:38 PM
basically, i'm trying to style a list. and when i put a symbol in the content section it changes it into a long form!

[dohtml]<div class="template">

<li> a thing </li>
<li> a thing </li>
<li> a thing </li>
<li> a thing </li>
<li> a thing </li>


.template ul { list-style:none }
.template li::before { margin-left:-1px; content:'\2022'; color:#761f29; }


this should produce a list with a dot in front of each "thing" but instead i get a long string of numbers. using the dot doesn't work either, content:'•'; does the same thing.
Jun 4 2017, 11:46 AM
there is a random amount of padding appearing in different places on my coding. this occurs in my chrome browser. (i don't use firefox so idk if it's happening there. i use safari on my ipad and it's not happening on that browser.)

the thing is, this is happening all over my board. even on codes that are identical, in one place the padding appears and in the other, nothing at all! so i came with a simple code to prove my point. but i'll go through what all transpired below.

the example code
<div style="width:150px; height:150px; background-color:#fff; border:1px solid black;">

<div style="width:150px; height:150px; background-color:red;"></div>


i noticed this happening on my board when i was creating a template (it happened in various places in my skin as well) and was distraught because i assumed it was something i was doing wrong. after checking my math over and over i finally reduced the code down to nothing but what you see above and saw it couldn't be me. the coding was fine?? but still the issue persisted.


thinking maybe it was something conflicting on my skin, i moved to my tester board with 0% of the same coding. not only was there weird padding still, it was in a different place completely?


maybe it's just me and my coding, i think. so i went to shine and dug up my old tester thread and hmmm. i get a whole new set of random padding showing up!


thinking it was just a problem with me and my eyes i guess, i asked some other people to look at the codes and they saw it was happening too. then, upon poking around, i realized it is definitely not just me this happens to. i thought at first when i saw this happening to people it was just miscoded but now i'm starting to think there's a real conflict going on with borders and jcink completely???

but if someone knows how to fix it?? i would be forever grateful because this is stressing me out.
Jun 2 2017, 10:32 PM
in an effort to trim my css i was wondering if some of the base coding is able to be removed without hurting things. my areas of concern are:

Profile Styles
Logo Strip
Calendar Styling
Tabs on the portal profiles + sections
Board Statistics Links
Mini Profile Seperators

none of these are utilized on my skin and i know it's not a ton of coding but every little bit helps. so just seeing if removing these from the css altogether will cause something to go wrong or would be against any kind of rules.

Feb 7 2017, 06:10 PM
site not secure [SOLVED]
before, when i would click on my admin pc button it would take me to a secure page.

now, when i click on it, it's reading "not secure" in the url bar. it's doing it to me on every site. did jcink change secure status on the sites or is there something wrong with mine?
Jan 7 2017, 03:39 PM
when i made the mock up using regular coding this worked just fine, so i know that my coding, itself, was working. however, when i tried to shove it into place for the actual post templates, it's only calling odd numbers!

#cPosts .posts8 { height:30px; position:absolute; top:0px; right:0px; }
#cPosts .button-small { width:75px; height:30px; padding:0px; border-left:1px solid #d8d5d5; text-align:center; font-family:source sans pro; color:#684d64; font-size:9px; text-transform:uppercase; font-weight:900; line-height:30px; letter-spacing:1px; float:left; }
#cPosts .button-small:nth-child(even) { background-color:#fdfdfd; }
#cPosts .button-small:nth-child(odd) { background-color:#f9f9f9; }

<div class="posts8"><!-- |report_link| --><!-- |delete_button| --><!-- |edit_button| --><!-- |quote_button| --></div>

<span class='button-small'>Quote</span>

on the regular coding attempt, the buttons varied in background color. however, when they are in place properly on the post template, they're only showing the "odd" background color and when i use inspect element on them, it's only acknowledging them all as odd as well.

i have tried swapping "span" to "div" and that didn't help.
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