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 Custom Profile Field Empty Return Value not saving
Hi there! No matter what I and a fellow staff member enter as a custom profile field empty value (system settings -> user profiles -> custom profile fields) it appears to not get saved at all/removed after we click submit. I'm assuming this is a bug – I apologize if there's a conflicting setting somewhere else that would cause this to happen.

As a follow up question, does this setting apply to mini profiles, main profiles, or both? At the moment, blank fields return an empty string in the mini profile, but "<i>No Information</i>" in the main profile.

Thank you!
This feature isn't actually working yet, sorry, I will mark it as such. At this time custom return values for MP variables cannot be configured. Blank return values are the default behavior for the mini profiles. Main profiles are handled different.

email: :: blog: John C.
Okay, thanks for the prompt reply, John!
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