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Today at 05:08 pm
totally cool if this isn't possible.

setting an admin group etc. there are permissions that allow you to create the group as only being able to see and edit certain aspects in the acp. this is a fantastic feature– the only shortcoming seems to be if that staff has access to the member & user groups section, they can simply change their own permissions.

the only option to remedy this is to make the entire section non-viewable for certain staff, but this can be somewhat troublesome when wanting to allow staff to edit member accounts but not wanting them to be able to view the the css or w/e else.

there aren't many things i can think of that would remedy this other than an entirely new section / option to block certain groups from group editing which sounds about impossible.

if anyone knows a way around this that'd be awesome. if not that totally makes sense, because this seems about impossible to implement in any way that i can think off the top of my head.
Jun 8 2017, 10:29 AM
so ! using flaticon means that i'm not able to simply copy the symbol over into the content area, as i typically would do when placing an icon font into a pseudo content class. ( which effectively avoids having to input any sort code or blackslashes, which works out well because i'm just now realizing why the unicodes don't work. )

unfortunately, flaticon doesn't allow this, so i've been manually inputting the \f11a etc. codes, which work fine in a live editor on the web site, but when saved within the css, it's being stripped by the editor and breaking the code.

i assume this is a safety mechanism in an attempt to not allow the site to be broken, etc. but i was wondering if there was any way around this ? i've tried doubling it up and adding extra characters.

flaticon is difficult enough that it won't let me add the icon fonts without putting it within a pseudo class. worse comes to absolute worse, i can install it using the i-classes css, but i just prefer to avoid that route because i think i classes are honestly a pain lmfao.

edit;; or i suppose i could try externally hosting the :before pseudo class in my own custom stylesheet and forgo the default i classes, so i can just add a class to whatever area i'd want. so basically, it's not the end of the world. (੭ु ‾᷄ᗣ‾᷅ )੭ु⁾⁾
Jan 10 2017, 03:48 PM
this isn't a bug really, just a question. i've noticed as of late i've been deleting a lot of spam from a few different forums. is there any particular cause for that?

it's all guest-posted random advertising, some not in english– for example:


i'm not really that concerned about it, or think it's that much work to keep the forums clean or anything such as that, just curious.
Dec 20 2016, 06:45 PM
not sure if this is a bug again, but i noticed that the medium title for some reason shows just below the subforums where there wouldn't be topics. the second medium row displays where it should, however.

i was hoping installing some html into the topic rows template would straighten it out, but it's still there. i've noticed it in the past, but have always removed w/ some roundabout css.


Dec 16 2016, 02:39 AM
i'm not even sure that this is an error to be honest ahaha, but i wasn't positive where to post it.

i've noticed that username prefixes/suffixes aren't showing up in topics that are pinned as announcements, but they're perfectly fine in both regular pinned topics and just topics.

not sure if this is an error or on purpose, but just a note. ( unless i've done something to jank something up. wouldn't be too surprised honestly. )

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