Support Rules and Guidelines
Before you post your support topic, please remember to:
  • Read the support forum rules.
  • Check the wiki and use search to see if your problem can be answered there first.
  • Link your board please, and make sure that the problem on your board is visible to guests or provide a test account.
  • Do not post Board Wrappers and CSS unless requested. With a board link, this is not necessary.
  • Be as descriptive as you can and use as many details as possible when describing your problem.
  • Please briefly mark any links to forums that may not be work-safe.
This will help ensure your support issue will be attended to in a quick and efficient manner.

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 Support Forum Rules, Please read.
Support Forum Rules

We greatly appreciate and encourage users in the community to help each other with their issues and get help The community helping each other provides for quick and quality support, but this can only be met if rules are followed. Failure to follow these rules may lead to thread closure, and/or warnings issued.

Rule #1. If you DON'T know the answer, don't post.

Too many times users post in topics without thinking, or acting as though they know the answer to an issue that only a moderator or admin should be answering. If you aren't totally sure - don't respond. Use the wiki to guide you and them as much as possible ( ) to help people, or quote things from the wiki in your replies that match the question. Don't tell what others are posting either as "wrong" unless you know that to be true.

Rule #2. Don't be vague

If you are looking to help someone:

Don't be vague in your replies. For example, if someone asks "How do I edit macros", and you reply "In the macros section", that is vague support and doesn't help the person. It will only annoy them. A proper reply would be "Admin CP -> Skins and Templates -> Macros, Edit the macro set you want by clicking Edit. All images are outlined there."

If you are someone asking for help:

Don't be vague with your questions. Include your URL up front if possible, otherwise it may get asked for, and often times it does. Be specific about what's wrong. Saying "The navigation bar linkz are all messed up, how do I fix them?" does not help the person who is looking to give you an answer. You're only delaying yourself help, because then they have to ask you for MORE information and a link to your site to see the issue themselves. Specific: What is wrong, and include a link. A better version: "The navigation bar links on my site are messed up. When I click on them, it sends me to ?Act=site, rather than act=site. You can see the problem for yourself here at:"

Rule #3. Don't hijack other's threads

This is no different than spamming someone's general topic with something completely off-topic, but I see it all too often. Keep your own questions to your own topics.

Rule #4. Make new threads for each issue

Please make brand new threads for each time you need help. For example, do not go back and bump one of your old threads after all the questions you've posed in it have been answered with fresh questions that barely relate to the subject at hand. Topics are marked as "solved" on this board so the staff does not have to look at them again and again, and it keeps everything organized.

Rule #5. Don't make worthless replies to the questions

This is also counted as spam. A worthless response to a question helps absolutely no one. If a thread says: "My shoutbox is broken... I can't seem to turn it online, can anyone help? It shows up as offline and is displaying strange characters."... then a reply such as "OMG, that is messed up LMAO I see the problem t00, characterz going nutz all over jcink needs to fix that s00n!" is utterly worthless.

Rule #6. Don't ask for admin

You aren't allowed to ask for admin powers to help someone on their forum. This is dangerous and therefore we don't allow it. Do your best to help the person without admin powers. Ask them to read off their settings so you can check things over that way. You also may not offer admin powers to other users in hopes they will solve your issues. If promoting someone is the only way to solve an issue, our administration crew has the power to take control of your board themselves.

Finally, if you're the one asking the question, don't just give random people admin who ask you. You've been warned.

Rule #7. Don't speak about issues on behalf of the staff

Speaking on the staff's behalf is a big no. Don't try to collect information about the situation if you can't help the person - we will see the post and ask them ourselves. If you want to quote replies by us from other topics as answers, then do so, but unless you know the answer - don't!

Rule #8. Be nice, and be patient

The staff do have lives outside of the forums, as well as the members. Do not badger anyone for support. Do not bump your recent unanswered topics unless your topic is more than 48 hours old. Also, just because a staff member is online does not mean they are able to help you at that very minute. You should not PM them, or bother them to give you support on it. Be respectful to fellow users and administrators while giving or receiving support.

Rule #9. Support issues are best done in the forum.

Direct PM support is discouraged in general. It does not benefit you to PM any of us - you are limiting yourself from the community. Additionally, don't ask members to PM you for help or support unless prompted.

Support issues should be posted in the forums if it isn't something you absolutely have to keep private.


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