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 Premade Feed Blocks
I know Unreal Portal has the option to enable blocks like this, but I'd love to be able to insert tags into my board wrappers that bring up board statistics and other information wherever I like.

The primary use for these blocks would be in a sidebar, or as part of a webpage that could be used to display large amounts of board information in one place.

Each block display the information, with parts of the information (poster, time, location, etc) contained in unique CSS classes so they can be easily set to display-none, allowing the user some control over what information is and isn't displayed on the site.

Ideas for blocks that would be useful:
  • 10 recently updated threads (option to exclude forums from this somehow would be a bonus)
  • 10 recent threads without replies
  • Users online (great to place in sidebar, option to exclude groups a bonus)
  • Staff members online
  • Display list of members in a particular group (very useful for board admins who want to display member groups in tables of their own, a total number of group members on the table would be also very exciting)

Just having those information feeds available and able to call them into layouts with a <% WHATEVER %> tag would be amazing.

And if there was ever an ability to create multiple custom account lists (picking and choosing information from the standard account fields and custom fields) and display them as tables, I would probably die of over-happiness. But I think I'm definitely overreaching there.
I would like this feature as well. I have attempted codes for some of these things before but there is no easy way to do it without querying the server a lot. I hope Jcink gets around to this one after he finishes all the other features he has lined up.

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    I agree that staff members online is useful, but that sort of exists in the 'users online' section, paired with the member legend. And as far as 'ten threads without replies' on my site we have an open threads directory people can post to when they want someone to reply to a thread, and we delete them every now and again, when we see that they've been taken.

    I know it's just a work-around, but maybe it will help. Also, I think you can link to a list of all the members in a usergroup, if i'm not mistaken. With something like:


    I know it's not the same exact thing, but maybe it will help in the meantime.

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