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 The <% TITLE %> key [SOLVED]
For aesthetic purposes and due to the way I'm designing my board, I want to be able to display in the board the current page the user is viewing. I thought I should make use of the <% TITLE %> key for this. But I don't want it to display " BOARD NAME -> " an instead I just want it to display "CURRENT PAGE" I could try just removing the board name from the system settings but that leaves me with "->"

I tried javascript to remove both of them but it didn't seem to work. Any macros or something I can use to fix this or procure the same effect?
Place this directly after the <title><% TITLE %></title> tag. Adjust accordingly:

var title = document.title;
var title_stripped = title.replace("Board name ->", "");
document.title =  title_stripped;

email: :: blog: John C.
str.replace should have been title.replace but yep, it works now, thanks!

I should really pay attention to javascript more
Sorry, I'm quite ill right now and wrote that when I had a fever. In fact it's very stupid the way I did all of those variable reassignments, but it works.

I updated it so I'll mark this as solved.

email: :: blog: John C.
This topic has been solved. If you need anymore help please post a new thread. Thanks for choosing Jcink services.

email: :: blog: John C.
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