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The default URL as well as many other things for the Resource forum including the entire design have been changed in the past few weeks, during this time challenges, contests, spotlights, etc. were put on hold.

Tonight we have begun posting new challenges, spotlights, and more; and have made all of the changes open to the public. The entire forum has switched over, and this was all accomplished with a minimum of downtime. The forum can still be accessed via the original links provided for it, but the new default URL being used will be:

All of the changes made to the forum were made in an effort to accomodate and add to the forum, it's focus and purpose - to bring quality resources to all service users for their forums - has in no way changed. Even with the new look and new name, absolutely nothing has been taken from the forum, this has all been done in an effort to add more to it, which we have accomplished in a neat and organized manner. For the maximum efficiency and use for all users.

We look forward to seeing what people think of these changes and welcoming all new and old users to explore the newly re-modeled resource forum.


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