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 Different background colours per forum categories? [SOLVED]
Is it possible to make each forum category have a different background colour?

Let's say I have two categories on my board. One is for the "general" type of forums and one is for, let's say, fanfic-based forums. Now let's say that I want the category with the general forums to have a black background and the category with the fanfic forums a red background. Is this possible to do?
Yes, it should be possible. Each category is assigned an ID in the order that you make it, such as cat_1, cat_2, cat_3 etc. You just have to snoop around and find it. If you're having trouble with that, you can post the link to your site here and let us know which specific ones you want to change.

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Well, I didn't plan to actually open the board until next month, but since this is a support board and I did ask for support, I turned it online for the time being.

This is an old board of mine, re-started.

Here are the colours I want:
Category No./Category name/Desired colour
1/"Power Database"/Red
3/"The Command Center"/Yellow
4/"Virtual Series"/Blue
5/"Writing Chambers"/Pink
6/"Nickelodeon Shows"/Black
7/"Ranger Studio"/Green

This post has been edited by mnikolic: Feb 17 2015, 03:52 AM
Add the following to the bottom of your CSS:

#cat_1 {background: red} #cat_3{background: yellow} #cat_4 {background: blue} #cat_5 {background: pink} #cat_6 {background: black} #cat_7 {background: green}

Please note that the underlined section (Virtual Series) is not something I can see as a guest, currently. Because of that I wasn't able to confirm that it's accurate, but it would stand to reason that it is.

This post has been edited by owl: Feb 17 2015, 06:48 AM

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kindly do not use my site Discord / DM / PM me for support.
That category is hidden because I don't want guests to see everything. Even those that are going to be in the main member group (currently named "Gamer) won't be able to see or post in every forum and sub-forum.

But don't worry, the CSS you provided me with works just fine and I can assure you the category ID is correct. I can make a screenshot if needed. I've also added a little padding, so the background colour is more expressed.

Thank you for your help. biggrin.gif

But I do have one more question though:

Is it possible to do the same for .row2, .row4 and .darkrow2, but just for the forum index?
.forum-row .row2 { attributes }
.forum-row .row4 { attributes }
.forum-row .darkrow2 { attributes }

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Thank you again biggrin.gif

This topic has been solved. If you need anymore help please post a new thread. Thanks for choosing Jcink services.


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