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 Sexual Content Question
Up until recently, I was a member of a roleplay forum. I decided to leave it for personal reasons, and it's only been since I've been working on my own forum that I realised, I think the site may have been borderline breaking ToS as far as sexual content. I'm not sure if it's reportable though, I want to make sure it is before sending in a ticket and wasting jcink staff's time.

Most of the sexual content took place out of jcink, and while I know there's nothing that jcink can do about that, there are still references to it on the board. There is one archived topic that I am guilty of participating in that also has somewhat explicit content, but besides that and references, I can't really find anything more. All I can say is that the owner of this board seems to enjoy roleplaying those things a lot.

If a link is needed, I would rather PM it to staff for the sake of remaining anonymous should this person stumble upon this post, just in case.

Edit: I did manage to find one thread where things get really explicit between this person's character and another, but no penetration occurred.

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If they board has Premium then they are not breaking the terms in any way with this, in case they don't you should report it through the regular ToS violation form for us to look into it.


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I don't believe they have premium, but I've just sent the ticket in case. Thank you, Crystal.
What is considered Mature?

If the post you are talking about violates what is described above, we will address it as soon as we get to the report.

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Yes, it does have what's described in there.

I just didn't want to waste you guys' time, in case, but after I made the original post I found the second link sent in the report.
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