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 Option to parse linebreaks
So, working some more on my site, and me/the other admins remembered a pretty neat feature of the previous site we were all on together - the ability to have custom CSS in the profiles. (and, with the new templates system, we actually have it working (wheee rounded borders), which is pretty cool imo)

However, it occurred to us that because of how linebreaks are automatically turned into a <br /> in the html of a profile field, we'd never be able to have neatly-formatted CSS and it would all be jumbled together and messy, similar to inline CSS.

Would it be possible to allow the parsing of line breaks as an option in the custom field settings? This way we could turn it on or off by field, depending on what we're doing. Because the parsing is quite useful for our members who don't know much about HTML and just want to type out their applications freely, but what is perfectly fine for most fields can get a bit tricky for others.
We can definitely add this as an option, but I don't know if I could make it on/off per-field so easily. I will look into this at some point for sure, though, thank you for the suggestion.

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