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 Sub Sub Forum Bug
    I was setting up a series of forums the other day, with sub-forums, and those sub-forums had their own sub-forums, and ran into a permissions issue.

    I made it so the main forum (which shows on the index) acts as a category. I made the sub-forum act as a category. I made the sub-sub-forum the only one that can have topics in it. Now, I always set the main forum to having no permissions because it doesn't affect them, and I did the same with the sub-forum. However, the sub-sub-forum won't show on its own without setting permissions for the parent forum.

    This is probably a bug, mostly because I think it should work if only the sub-sub-forum has permissions and not the first two.

    This is the forum structure:
    • The Archives [category / no permissions set]
      • OOC Threads [category / no permissions set]
        • Applications [sub-forum / permissions set]

    When set like that, it doesn't display. I have to set permissions for the OOC Threads forum, or it doesn't work.
Nice catch, this does look like a bug. Not an easy one to fix since the permissions system is kind of complex, but I have noted it to be repaired in the future. The easiest workaround is the one you've already discovered.

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