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 HTML post variable help
I want to add a replay button next to the quote & edit button so that you don't have to scroll to the top to hit the replay button but one of the variable are not working.

This is what I have so far.
user posted image

<a href="/index.php?act=Post&CODE=02&f=<!-- |forum_id| -->&t=<!-- |pid| -->&st="><img src="" alt="Reply to this post"></a>

For some reason the <!-- |forum_id| --> just shows like /index.php?act=Post&CODE=02&f=<!--%20|forum_id|%20-->&t=43&st= when you click on it.

Seems like <!-- |topic_id| --> & <!-- |tid| --> doesn't work and I tried to look for a java work around but I can't find any.

forum_id is not a variable. neither is topic_id or tid for the post rows.

This is the list of variables for post rows:

I can look into adding those variables in the future but unfortunately this doesn't seem possible to make at the moment using just the post template and available variables. Why not just remove the quote button and change it to "Add Reply?" It does the same thing except for the quote aspect... but allows the person to reply directly to the user in doing so. Which is what most are going to expect when they click that button anyway.

email: :: blog: John C.
That would be cool of you added then in the future. Ya I ended up replacing the quote icon to the add reply button.

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