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 Post Icons Variable for Forum Row
I was wondering if a variable could be added for the forum row so that I'd be able to show post icons from the index page. I noticed that the <!-- |posticon| --> variable will show up for topic rows and post rows, but not the forum rows.

The reason why it's needed for me is because the site I help admin was planning on using the post icons to include common tags for posts, like the trigger warning [tw] tag. And while you'd be able to see the post icon in the topic and post rows, if someone was clicking a thread from the index they wouldn't realize it was triggering until after they clicked on the thread because they wouldn't see that post icon. And because we want a safe and welcoming environment for our members, this is no bueno.

As far as I could tell, this wasn't an option and I was wondering if it could be?
We can definitely consider making it an option. Thank you for your suggestion.

email: :: blog: John C.
Thanks John!
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