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 onclick problem? custom bbcode [SOLVED]
hey there
I have a custom bbcode called 'test' which looks like
[test=1]hey there[/test]

it will output 1[hey there]
its purpose is when you click the number 1, the [hey there] will change color

the problem is when there are multiple of this custom bbcode in one post
[test=1]hey there[/test]

so if I click the number 1, the [hey there] changes color, but the [hello] at the number 2 changes color too!!
what should I do in order to prevent the 'not target' element from changing color?? I've read about e.preventDefault() thingy but I don't understand how to use it

here's my code
<div class="testnum" onclick="$('.testcont').css({'color':'#fff'});">(PARAM1)</div><div class="testcont">(PARAM2)</div>

thank you
That's a general selector. It'll match all elements on page that meet its criteria: that they have the class attribute, and one value of that attribute is 'testcont'. Since you've opted for an inline approach (for neatness' sake, I usually recommend scripts be taken out of BB code and other templates), you'll need to specify that you want just the element that follows the element with the onClick. For that, traverse the DOM using the keyword this, like so:

$(this).next().css('color', '#fff')

this is a keyword which has a variable value depending on how a function is called. In this case, $(this) represents a JavaScript object that references the specific element you clicked, and .next() constructs a new object by finding the next sibling of the element it's provided.

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ok, work!! thank you so much
This topic has been solved. If you need anymore help please post a new thread. Thanks for choosing Jcink services.

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