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 Search Function Issue
My Board :

I have this board as a research board and when i am searching for something i get this

The error returned was:

One or all of your search keywords were below 4 characters, please choose different keywords. Use quotes to narrow your search.

Is there any way to change it so it will look for words under 4 digits as i really need it to look for less that as i have a lot of videos on there and i need to be able to have the search function set so it will look for words under 4 digits.

I have looked on here to see if this issue has been posted before but couldn't see anything referring to this problem..

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I wish I could enable this for you but unfortunately it is not possible. This is a database-wide enforced restriction on the search engine, not something at the forum software level. The database engine excludes three and less letter words like "and", "the", "or." This keeps the search function working for boards even around the million post mark with reasonable speed.

That being said there is a work-around. Instead of searching for the 3 letter word or abbreviation, search with a wildcard.

Ex: you can search for the three letter abbreviation IPB on this forum and obtain results by searching the term IPB* -- the search engine will accept the asterisk. As a result, it will also match anything with it in the string like IPBwrapper, IPBwhatever so it's not the best situation but with the wildcard you *can* get results back with the 3 letter string as well mixed in.

email: :: blog: John C.
Okay thx for the feedback John, much appreciated, ill try that out..

The Friendly Bunch Forums

A Great General Community Based Forum For Everyone.
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