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 How do I add a new button just below new post/new reply?
I want to remove the ability of my members to add attachments (they will soon use up the available space) and instead have a button which takes them to another site where they can upload photos and then create a link which they can put into their post/reply.

But... I have no idea how to do that (I think I can stop them adding attachments). Can anyone tell me what I need to do - or even if it's possible.

Thanks for any advice

PS - board is testcb1300,

This post has been edited by alan sh: Jun 10 2018, 02:41 PM
you can remove their upload abilities in the acp > forum controls > permission masks (just uncheck the upload box on all the forums for the membergroups you don't want using it)

for your new button, you'll have to use the html templates. with my version its not going to be under the new topic/new poll stuff but will show up along every post in line with the edit, quote, report, etc buttons (so apologies if this is the opposite of what you're looking for)

the default coding is here

but find this part,

<div align='right' class='post-buttons-top'>
<!-- |report_link| --><!-- |delete_button| --><!-- |edit_button| --><!-- |quote_button| -->

and put
<span class="button-small"><a href="LINK">button title</a></span>

either in front of report link or after quote button (but really where ever you prefer it)
and you should get a button that matches the rest

if the text colour doesn't match (which it probably won't because the small buttons currently aren't set up for actual links)
you'll have to add this to your css:

.button-small a {

This post has been edited by charlie.: Jun 10 2018, 03:15 PM
Of course, more questions....

1. I have imported the HTML into my forum. How do I enable it so it gets used?
2. The text you want me to add - how does this actually link to the image site I want? I need to put in a link of - where does that go?

Sorry for the ignorance, but this is completely different to icyboards.

I think what I really want is to add another button to the end of "quote", "code", "list" buttons which appear when you create a new post or reply to one.

IS this possible?

you don't have to enable anything, it's automatic and if you leave any of the templates blank it will automatically use the default coding and from what i can see its showing up, though the colour of the text on the button is darker so you'll have to make that change to your css i mentioned before and you'll put your link into where it says LINK

if you want to add that as an option there you'd be playing with the bbcodes (very bottom of the acp sidebar) but i'm not sure if you could do exactly what you want there either because, as far as i've every used it, that's more for simplifying codes than actually linking things so i can't give you a real answer on that one

This post has been edited by charlie.: Jun 10 2018, 08:14 PM
OK - I'm beginning to see some light. I have no idea how to play with BB codes - something to learn later.

Two last question for now

1. Where do I change the colour.
2. When I click on the button, I want it to open in a new tab or window. How do I do that?



EDIT - John's support forum (this one) has extra buttons just where I want them. JOHN - how was that done?

This post has been edited by alan sh: Jun 11 2018, 03:35 AM
To open it in a new tab/window, use this instead:
<a href="LINK" target="_blank" style="color: #HEX">

Change #HEX to the color you want the link to be.

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