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 Prepend links to subforum list, in the acp/edit forum settings
My suggestion: Another text input box in the add/edit forum page of the ACP where users with ACP access could add links in a standard format, e.g.:

<a href="#">Link Title</a>

Then, through some hocus pocus on the forum's part, it would prepend those links to the subforum list (without subforum macros ofc).

My reasoning: Right now, the only way to display links to a specific thread on the forum rows is to include the link inside the forum description. With the new HTML templates making customization such a breeze, it would be nice to include links to threads alongside the subforum list so everything can show up together/be styled together.

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Something like this would be absolutely amazing, I hate having to have two different sets of links when I want to link subforums and important topics.
Unless I'm mistaken, this feature already exists. Simply create a subforum in the section you would like to see the subforum link populate, and use the Redirect Options. A subforum created in this fashion will display on the subforum list on the index just like any other subforum.

In the setting "Redirect URL or RSS Url(s)" make sure to include a link to the thread you want in the subforum list, and for "Redirect URL or RSS Url(s)" choose 'Redirect' - I'll attach a screenshot of the settings I'm talking about, in case that helps, and apologies if I misunderstood and this is not what you're requesting.

Edit: I forgot to mention, if you're using the HTML templates system, there's a whole template you can customize called "Redirect Row" which dictates how redirect subforums look on the topic row.

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Yes, I feel that this already exists too through the creation of url redirect forums which will index themselves as part of subforum lists. And if you don't want those 'forums' to appear (redirect rows), they're quick to hide as well.

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I didn’t think of utilizing a redirect forum to do that, so thanks for the suggestion!
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