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 Hiding "No Information" fields and other things with it
Okay so, I'm in the middle of making a new profile template for my sit. I've hit a snag in my js, because of course I would. Ahah.

Instead of just hiding the field that contains "No Information" I'm looking to hide that specific tab and the corresponding list element in the tab strip area. So if I haven't filled out the "Other" section of my profile, the user can't even see that the field is there. (#dir6 and #dirtab6-content, using that example)

Profile with all related fields as empty/"No Information"
Profile with the first two tabs filled in and the rest blank

And here's the relevant bits of coding.
       <div id="dirtabs">
               <ul id='dirtab-strip'>
                   <li id='dir1' class='clickable'>Appearance</li>
                   <li id='dir2' class='clickable'>Personality</li>
                   <li id='dir3' class='clickable'>History</li>
                   <li id='dir4' class='clickable'>Family</li>
                   <li id='dir5' class='clickable'>Abilities</li>
                   <li id='dir6' class='clickable'>Other</li>
           <div id='dirtabtabs'>
               <div id='dir1-content' class='tab-content'><div class="maintitle">Appearance</div><br /><!-- |field_10| --></div>
               <div id='dir2-content' class='tab-content'><div class="maintitle">Personality</div><br /><!-- |field_11| --></div>
               <div id='dir3-content' class='tab-content'><div class="maintitle">History</div><br /><!-- |field_12| --></div>
               <div id='dir4-content' class='tab-content'><div class="maintitle">Family & Relationships</div><br /><!-- |field_13| --></div>
               <div id='dir5-content' class='tab-content'><div class="maintitle">Powers & Abilities</div><br /><!-- |field_14| --></div>
               <div id='dir6-content' class='tab-content'><div class="maintitle">Other Information</div><br /><!-- |field_15| --></div>

And the js I'm attempting to get working. The console logs show that I'm getting the correct IDs, I just can't seem to figure out how to alter their CSS styles to "display: none;" My if statement also won't target the tabs that contain "No Information" (and I'm unsure of the syntax after scouring stack overflow/MDN) and when I leave the last two lines in the code, it winds up hiding my entire #dirtab-strip (and all the actual tabs aside from the first). As noted previously, the console log for that section is outputting the correct IDs.

   var contents = document.getElementById('dirtabtabs');
   var tabs = document.getElementById('dirtab-strip');
   for (var i = 0; i < contents.children.length; i++) {
       console.log(i + ": " + contents.children[i].id + " and " + tabs.children[i].id);
       if ($('contents.children[i].contains("No Information")')) {
           var c = document.getElementById(contents.children[i].id);
           var t = document.getElementById(tabs.children[i].id);
           console.log( + " and " +;
           document.getElementById( = "none";
           document.getElementById( = "none";
Try this instead:
<script type="text/javascript">
$(' i').each(function() {
   if ($(this).text().match('No Information')) {
       $('#' + $(this).parent('').attr('id').split('-content')[0]).hide();

user posted image
Modified slightly so that the tabbed area only shows for the non-OOC accounts as well. (so anything without a parent_id attached in my case) and it works perfectly.

Thank you!
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