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 Allowing members to move their posts?
Hi all.

So I have searched and not seen this specific topic.

I was wondering if we could set a Member use multi-mod, or other setting, Specifically for ONE forum that would allow Members to move their own post to an alternating predestined forum??

Specifically what I am hoping to do is allow members to move their WIP applications for a RPG to a pending forum for admins to approve the app.

Currently the member would have to re-post the finished app, or ping one of the Admin/Mods to move it for them-- for the final approval. And I was hoping we could make a multi-mod that the member could use on their own post to move it when they are ready.

Did I miss this ability some where?

Is it possible to do?

Admin CP → Forum Control → Moderators

Note the following setting:

Can move topics?: Yes

user posted image
Cory, they are looking for how to allow members to use that function. Not how to set it for admins/mods.

Members, unfortunately cannot use multi-mods and as a result: any type of topic moving functions. Those features are moderators only.

email: :: blog: John C.
Thank You for the quick reply.

yes Cory I was hoping we could have a member --- multi -mod.

Actually would this work:

if I set all members to be a mod for the specif forums?
We can make individual accounts-- mods for individual forums correct?
So if I made a special Mod Group and set up for the two forums would that work?

This post has been edited by Crymson: Yesterday at 12:45 am
Setting a forum moderator will give them access to the Mod CP, and the 'moderation options' dropdowns will be visible but will return error messages when you try to use the options that aren't enabled for you.

user posted image

So my point is. If I make a specific "mod group" that is only able to moderate two forums, they can access the multi mod list--- and move posts from one forum unto another.

But not have access to any other forums.

I believe that's correct - it'd be worth testing - but they would also, theoretically, be able to move / delete / edit one another's topics.

Kindly do not contact me on Discord or PM me for support.

user posted image

Ok. I will try it and see if I like it.

I haven't played in the MCP much. I'll post back if it worked the way I hoped or not.

If anyone has a better idea... PLEASE SHARE!

Thanks owl

Well it almost works.

If there were a way to only show/use Custom made Multi-mods.

But if I allow the group to use the current "topic multi-mods"-- they access all of the topic mod controls.

Not just the Forums I allot. It wont let them move anything outside of the two forums... but they CAN move those topics within the two forums to any other forum....

If I could make it, to only use custom multi-mods... they would only have the drop down I created and I could direct it to only do what I want.

Hmm ponders...
Are you basically saying you want to allow them to move topics across the whole board and only have that option and no other moderation options?

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