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Apr 25 2017, 06:52 PM
CSR code? [SOLVED]
With the whole HTTPS thing with domain names being a pain, my domain name provided offers a cheap add feature for a SSL certificate but asks for this--is this something you offer to us?
Apr 2 2017, 09:11 AM
Hey JCINK, just wanted to let you know that the dark skin looks like

this to me for the last two days. At first I thought it was an april fools joke but then the regular skin works just fine?


I actually don't think this is a bug but didn't know where else to post this? I haven't changed anything on my website for months. Yesterday I was getting reports from several members (all android tech users) that my site no longer works on their phone. They can't touch anything, scroll, it bounces around, or doesn't load at all. This was in mobile mode, desktop mode, chrome browser and FF browser. When I asked one to test Safari browser Chrome magically started working but I'm afraid this is something that won't last.

I'm mostly asking a question here, do we know if anything was updated/done that could NOW be conflicting with codes installed on my site causing this? And not JUST JCINK, I have cbox installed, maybe its them? I'm mostly looking for insight, as I said, I know its not MY specific site and I don't think its actually a JCINK problem but I feel like something got borked along the chain that's out of my hands. I hate not having answers XD.

Thanks for any guidance/help <3
Jan 2 2017, 05:28 PM
Actually I'm not sure if this is intended, a bug or a feature request.

I'm using multi-mods to sort applications into appropriate categories and put a bold tag before the topic title. So, for example, we have multi-mod that adds a bolded Character Archetype in front of Name of Character. So example: [Shapeshifter] John Smith.

Now if we go in and do ANYTHING edit ANYTHING the bold disappears and is replaced by <b>Character Archetype:</b> Name of Character

Additionally, if a member wants to just remove it they can, is there a way to add things before titles and make them uneditable by members and keep them with the requested formatting?

Dec 23 2016, 10:45 AM
I did some extensive research to see if this was an option implemented and I couldn't find any documentation or on the site itself, so I'm posting it here! Hopefully I'm not bothering anybody with things that already exist!

SO: I am finally using multi-mods for my acceptance/denial/pending/archiving processes and I ran into something I think could be really useful.


I'd love to be able to have a multi-mod give a generic message that alerts the original poster of the topic.

This would be most helpful when declining or archiving an inactive application on my site because we move them to an unfinished location so they don't clutter our currently pending applications and make it look like we don't do reviews--when in fact its the member that hasn't fixed anything to be reviewed again.

In my research I saw this was an option that was "to be" implemented but I couldn't find anything that said it was working. I tested out @OP and @StarterName just in case and did not work.

Oct 1 2016, 03:54 PM
Are we aware that this feature partially removes existing CSS in the stylesheet in favor of what looks like minifying the code? Not necessarily to the original code of the base JCINK default, but it partially removes reference text of nearly EVERYTHING on the stylesheet. For example some classes go from

.big-button-bob {} or #big-button-bob {}


bob {}

when trying to change a single color on that page.

And by colors I mean

the word "Colors" that leads you to

this page.

Now this is obviously an easy fix--don't use that page--but an inexperienced friend of mine figured they could just click a button and change link colors and it broke their entire site.
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