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Apr 15 2018, 04:59 PM

I have several deleted member groups that still show up in the dropdown menu on the Members page. This causes confusion when people are looking through the member list. I would like those deleted groups not to show up in the list. I cannot go back and edit options on those groups because I deleted them, thinking they would disappear from all parts of the forum.

I'm bad at describing parts of pages, so here's a little shot of the area I'm talking about.

Thank you!
Oct 30 2017, 05:49 PM
I'm trying to make a new skin, and for some reason, the basic CSS for changing the body background color and/or image just isn't doing anything. I'm extremely confused because I'm just doing the exact same thing I've done on several other skins before.

This is my first time ditching some HTML templates and making my own instead, so maybe I screwed something up in there? So far I've done that with Board Stats and Forum Rows.

I have tried specifying background-position and background-attachment, but that didn't make a difference. I ran it through a CSS verifier, but that only showed me 2 errors and neither one was relevant.

Site here
Oct 1 2017, 05:10 AM
ETA: I determined that the link issue was due to the javascript counter having odd proportions, and since I couldn't fix those proportions, I just got rid of the counter because I want my skin to work. So now I just have the issue of the skin not working in Firefox, which is a much less pressing issue.

The Original Problem:

Hello! I've screwed myself over. I made a new skin that I would like to have default on my forum, but the heading didn't render properly in Firefox. So I ran my code through this checker, and started fixing errors. And, somehow, I screwed it up so that the navstrip links work in Firefox and NOT Chrome. And then on Firefox things moved around so that I can't even see the navstrip, but the links were working last time I saw them.

Links that aren't working in Chrome: navstrip and a bunch of links immediately beneath it - pagination, new topic button and the ones next to it, track topic button and the ones next to it, author name on top post, edit/delete etc. buttons on top post. Basically, everything that's a link from navstrip down to the IP address on the first post. On index pages, it's the top 2-3 forums.

I'm totally lost. My priority is to get it working in Chrome again. If it's not going to work in Firefox, I can live with that. I need it to work in Chrome. The skin is called Dragon and is currently only available to members. I made this member account for you:

UN: test
PW: test

Please check it out, o wise ones who actually know how to code. This was my first attempt. Thank you for your time.

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Oct 3 2017, 05:12 PM

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