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Dec 3 2012, 06:36 PM
Sort of spawning from this thread...

Perhaps it would be worthwhile to add an option to create a custom captcha for their board?
Maybe one part in the ACP, under "Topics, Posts & Polls" have a section where it could ask:
- Use custom Captcha? Y/N (Starts off disabled, defaults to disabled if both question and answer aren't filled in.)
- Custom Captcha Question
- Custom Captcha Answer (list correct answers here with a | between them.)

Or maybe a secondary page where admins could set a list of questions and their corresponding answers. So admins could create a few different questions and set the answers.
Maybe have the option to randomly pick from the question list too if more than one question is enabled?

Then when a guest tries to post it would display base captcha plus their secondary unique one. Failing either denies them from posting. (Maybe include the option to only use their own to lessen the load on the server?)

Jul 13 2012, 10:00 PM
What about having an option for forums where you could selected it so that users could post topics, but then when it came to viewing, they could only see topics they had posted. Meanwhile staff could see all topics and reply to all. And topics posted by staff in this section would be visible to all.

This is an idea I see often implemented on forums for support staff as an alternative to a support ticket system, but I could see other uses for it. Sites could use it for questions to the staff that warranted multiple staff input but using the PM system was impractical (since they wanted multiple staff to see the question and comment). Or sites could use it for rendering support specific to the forum. (Like if a forum was dedicated to a specific game that the forum owner made and they provided support for it there.) Or for roleplay forums so that users could submit work in progress ideas/characters to be reviewed privately by staff without others seeing it before it's finished.

Oct 23 2011, 03:44 PM
Hello Jcink.

A few suggestions here dealing with minor improvements to the Mod CP, particularly when you look up an IP (url sement: act=modcp&CODE=doip&iptool=resolve&ip=123.456.789.000)

Could you add a link for:


Since I find myself using that site quite a bit to see if an IP belongs to a spammer (especially if they haven't been marked N/A or Blacklisted by the system's anti-spam) and I think it would be a great benefit to everyone.

Also, the Samspade lookup is broken. (It's been down for several months now, I've yet to see a sign of returning soon.) Could that be either removed or replaced with a new, working site, link?

The Rangeblock link by Toolserver is down for me as well.

Similarly, beside the RIR, the America (ARIN) look up link is outdated. Could you change that to the current url please? (EX- )

Sep 2 2011, 11:07 PM
When you're in the ACP, sometimes you have multiple users that you want to change user groups all at once. But to do this you normally have to select edit beside each user then change their group one member at a time. So I was wondering if a way to expedite this process could be made.

Perhaps with a checkbox beside each user then at the bottom a dropdown menu with several options (See attached mock-up image for my envisioning of this idea) like:
- delete (with an appropriate warning page making sure people really do want to do this. Perhaps this could be a root only feature also...)
- suspend
- restrict from posting
- mod queue
- change member group (which would then go to a page where you select which group to move them to and shows all the members you want to move to it. Sort of like the mass topic move. )

This would be useful for many different types of forums. Any forum that deals with many different member groups would benefit from this. From advertising forums that use VIP member groups to roleplaying games that use member groups to indicate different races and so on.
Jun 12 2011, 09:17 PM
Would it be possible to add a feature in the "Manage Skin set" part of the Skins & Templates to have it so that an admin can click the number under "No. Members" it shows who those members are? (Sort of like the feature when you click on the posts in the topic list and it states who's replied in that topic.)

The reason I ask for this is because sometimes I like to clean up my skins and get rid of ones that aren't being used by a lot of people. Some of the skins have a few people using them, but I can't tell whether they're active members or not. (I don't want to force change a skin on an active member.)

Also it could prove helpful when working on skins because then I can know who to ask about that skin, what they think, etc...
Or if a skin only has a few inactive people using it then I could see that then either set them to another skin so I can revamp the first one instead of thinking that there are a bunch of active users using that skin or just revamp it anyway without having to worry about members seeing an WIP skin.
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