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Dec 8 2016, 08:41 AM
So there was a site that had this awesome cbox you could drag around anywhere on the page and toggle as well. The owner was kind enough to direct me to which codes they used in their stuff, but I'm having one heck of a time. I am coding it on my testing forum first cause I don't want to mess up the actual board. This is my testing site( and this is the actual forum(

First, I made my userlinks bar float instead of the cbox then for some reason putting this other piece of code(
<div id="horizontal-toggle2" title="toggle cbox"><img src="" width="35px;" style="margin-top: -2px;"></div>
above it made it not float anymore, but then like. . . my cbox still isn't showing. I'll see a tiny square appear for a second when I reload but then it's gone, and the thing to show the picture that toggles the cbox(it's a little crown) isn't even showing either. I was hoping to put the image for toggle next to our Pinterest and Tumblr buttons, but I can't do that if I can't figure it out.

And the oddest thing during this whole thing too is that this has appeared again:

that is on my test forum, that light little boxed frame under the header.

it isn't there on the actual forum, and only appeared sometime during this entire ordeal.

Any help would be so appreciated cause my eyes hurt staring at this code. If you need the site where I saw the code first just let me know.
Dec 6 2016, 10:14 PM
On our forum(, we just added buttons for Tumblr and Pinterest. We originally intended to put them in the banner section beneath the flag, but they wouldn't fit there so decided to put them at the bottom of our site above the skin credit. However, I want to position them beneath where it says: DELETE COOKIES SET BY THIS BOARD · MARK ALL POSTS AS READ but I can't figure out how to do this for the life of me(and it could just be lack of sleep the past week, but nonetheless it's driving me crazy). And also how would I make it show only on the main index. I don't want it to show when people go into forums/subforums.

For Macros, is there ways to get rid of some of them completely? Like there's these: & &
(weirdly this shows two macro square buttons that say pinned when I hover though only one has the actual pin when in the get new posts search result view and not sure why there's two at all?)

I'd like to get rid of those little arrow thingies for example, but no idea how to do it.

Also, one last thing, the post icons options in pformright. We can add custom ones I read, but can we make them text and show up when you view the thread in a list of threads like this forum does as as an example:

(if I remember right, on that site, when you click the link to go into the topic it still shows the custom post icon thing saying PAST before the title start too or did, but if not is it possible to do that too?)
Nov 26 2016, 11:45 PM
Okay so I have a board where I code and work on stuff. I also use it to test anything I've been doing on the board I help staff. Recently I c&ped that skin(wrappers, stylesheets, etc) over to my coding board cause I'm experimenting with custom bbcodes for the main forum and want to make sure they look the same. However, the oddest thing is occurring: the mini-profile does not work at all on my coding forum like the main forum.

This is the mini-profile on the main forum:

This is it on my test forum(it doesn't even show my username anywhere in that post):

I've inspected the coding on both using Chrome, I've looked at the wrappers and stylesheets(and remember I straight c&ped), so I am just genuinely baffled. It's not a huge deal, I suppose, but I want it accurate so I know how stuff will respond before I put it on the main forum and that includes how it might interact with the mini-profile too, ya know?

Any suggestions/advice? The odd thing is when I inspect the code on the main forum for the mini-profile it'll tell me there's code there that I cannot find when I actually go through the coding in the skin. I thought maybe it was in a profile template or such, but I checked and nothing there.
Nov 26 2016, 05:12 AM
Okay so maybe I'm missing this. . . it is like 5am and I'm on holiday brain from so much turkey, but I was wondering if it'd be possible to make it so the Latest News section shows above the Navigation Bar. This is the site where I am staff and help with occasional code things. I just noticed our news announcement wasn't showing, and figured out why, but now the navbar just doesn't look right with it so far above the forum categories.

Is it possible to switch their places?
Oct 7 2016, 11:23 AM
Forum: Skysails

I'm staff on the forum; helping to fix some coding issues. I have two going on that are of immediate importance.

The first is the profile stretching(see here). We have a special profile field to add a gif image that shows up in our mini-profile. Now the issue is in profile view the long urls stretch the profile. I swapped to non-portal style and that helped some, but it still stretches the profile view. The weird thing is that some long urls wrap, but others don't wrap. . . and I know I can hide that profile field from showing which will make it not stretch for members except that doesn't resolve the issue for staff cause we still see that profile field even if it's hidden. Is there another alternative that resolves the issue for members and staff?

The next is viewing subscribed topics/forums or alerts suddenly doesn't have an option for deleting/unsubscribing. I saw another person had a similar issue and they had a bit of code that said .titlemedium {display: none} and it was suggested to try removing it which helped. . . except I did that(and even just removed the titlemedium bit of code altogether) and it caused stretching all over the forum, and didn't bring back the buttons so I tried adding other code in place of display: none and same issue(this is code I added- image).

Examples of stretching cause when I removed display: none/titlemedium altogether & added the adjusted code:

Subscribed Topics, no button & stretching(alerts do the same thing)

Main Forum, Forum Section, Subforum, Subforum In A Subforum Stretching
1, 2, 3, 4

Examples of how board looks with display: none in use, but still no button:

1, 2, 3, 4, 4

I reset it to display: none until the issue is fixed cause otherwise the board stretches and that is a problem.

Basically, I'm at a loss here. I've tried other stuff I've found as far as suggested methods to fix the stretching or the long url, but nothing helps aside from hiding that profile field — and I'd do that if it hid it from staff too. And I've no idea what to do about the button poofing, but I found a suggestion in regards to titlemedium and that isn't helping at all as it is causing more issues. Any help is super appreciated.
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