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Sep 22 2017, 09:09 PM
I was attempting to delete a sub-forum and instead managed to delete the main forum holding it along with all subforums within. Is there any way to restore the deleted forum and all of the subboards with it?

Apparently, when the forum was deleted, all threads were deleted as well and did not automatically move to the trash can, which is enabled. Why did this happen?

The site is:

[I believe] The accidentally deleted main forum is:

The accidentally deleted subforums are:
Nov 11 2014, 04:50 PM
My friend and I have a private forum together that we use to store most of our creative writing. The other day we had a falling out and she's blocked and banned me from most methods of contacting her. It seems she has also gone in and deleted my account from our private site, barring me from getting any of my personal content. I have attempted to contact her about this matter but she refuses to acknowledge me in any form.

This is the forum in question:

Her account is the root admin account. Mine was a second account with admin privileges, so I should have been able to get in despite the board being offline. I have tried 9 or so different incarnations of what my username was and every time it gives me the message, "Sorry, we could not find a member called [username], are you sure it's correct?"

Is there any way for me to get into the site? I have three years worth of creative content on it that I desperately want to retrieve. Or, at the very least, is there a way to confirm that my admin account has been deleted? I do have secondary accounts on the site that have not been deleted. When I try to log into one of those, it redirects me to the log in screen despite telling me I've logged in, so I know I have the username and password correct in that instance. All I want is gather my things and be done with her, especially since I now feel like she has stolen my content from me.
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