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Oct 14 2017, 02:08 AM

So as the admin I can see the stuff for the profiles fine but when I'm in an account that is not an admin one they do not show up the same. I was wondering if there was something i messed up that caused that.

Also, for gifs to show up is there a certain way you have to code the mini profile field or do you just do a regular text input box. Lastly, do the field numbers have to match your custom field numbers. So if age is field_1 in a template and mine for age is field_49 would I have to change the 1 to 49 so it would link up?

Thanks in advance
Sep 29 2017, 10:50 AM

So i was trying to place this avatar macro for this new skin I am putting in because without it one of the hover codes won't work.

These are the instructions I was trying to follow. What I can't figure put is how put it in and how to default the avatar size to 200x400 so the hover works. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you!
Jun 3 2017, 01:45 AM
Hey there,

So one of my members recently asked me about being able to view all their posts and topics. I've seen this on other sites so I'm unsure if I'm missing the code that will enable them to do it from their profile. Please let me know when you can. Thank you

Story of our lives?
Aug 16 2016, 04:38 PM
Story of Our Lives

I was trying to input the mini profile codes found here:

Idk if there are codes conflicting or something I'm missing or if the placement isn't right, but it is not showing up the way it does on the shine site.
Apr 2 2016, 10:33 AM
Story of our lives

So my co admin was trying to delete a topic and deleted three others instead. She just did it so is there anyway to get them back or are they gone? I figured they might be gone but I told her I would ask so that I knew for sure. Thanks in advance

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